An NFT by Any Other Name Is... A Prize!

Each week RMX.PARTY sources a meme template for our caption contest. You, our community submit captions, and the winner gets a prize. Sometimes it’s ETH, sometimes it’s an NFT, and soon it’ll be a minted remix. It’s all a big experiment meant to be loads of fun while we iterate and test product ideas. This is the very beginning of our product story, and we’re writing it every week we learn, test and experiment. Our mission is to support creators and their audiences as they explore new forms of creation in web3. We hope you’ll join us on this journey, whether here, on Twitter, or on Instagram.

Our Top Three Captions Get…A Unique NFT

As you know, each week we try to experiment, learn and break new ground with our Meme Captioning Contest (MCC). We’ve given away ETH, given away NFT Meme Templates, given away Remixes of Meme Templates, and auctioned templates, sharing the proceeds with you. We intend to revisit all of these prizes in the future, but this week we’re doing something new. We’ve designed three custom NFTs just for our winners of MCC Season 2, Game 1 (201.) We truly believe we’re making history with our games and memes and these are the first collectibles to come straight out of RMX.Party itself. Accordingly, we think they’re rare, and special and hope that they accrue value over time as a little slice of history in the making. Check them out:

Are you wondering, what’s the point of owning a .jpg or a .gif or .mp4 file? It’s a question a lot of people ask when they hear about NFTs. Why own a piece of digital art?

Well, first of all, no art is free. Everything you see on Instagram has a price. Artists spend time making work, and we pay for it with our attention, and then big companies like Meta, and Twitter monetize our attention. We all give our time and neither the artist nor the consumer makes any money. Doesn’t seem cool yet everyone seems so fine with it. Well turns out we’re not everyone, and that’s in line with the thinking behind web3.

What’s the difference with NFTs?

Glad you asked. The difference is when you own an NFT there’s value and ownership, which means the artist, the owner, and in the world of RMX, the co-creator will all earn from the digital artwork. Thanks to the blockchain, we know who made it, who currently owns it, what it cost to buy it, and what it might cost to sell it. And like Transformers, there’s more than meets the eye.

In addition, many NFTs hold value beyond money. They are your golden ticket. Some NFTs have real-world value. Like Taika x FWB Mateverse actually sent NFT holders Matte to taste test and vote on the Mate of web3. They invited owners to a Telegram group and continue to engage their community in both virtual and real-world activities. Just like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Another example is BFF. BFF was launched to inspire more women to get into Crypto. They gave away around 10,000 NFTs as friendship bracelets (pictured above) which gave access to their discord, and lots of other things like pre-mint lists, and a PFP (Profile Picture) drop, and each time you participate the bracelet gets charms and perks continue to evolve.

What does owning an RMX NFT Get You?

Access to the club. Being part of our weekly MCC contests means you’re helping to write the next chapter of memes with us, permanently on the blockchain. The game is new, the concept is new and these are some of the first collectibles to come out of RMX.Party. They’ll get you beta access to everything on our roadmap… and some stuff we haven’t even imagined yet! Here are some future unlocks winners can expect from their NFTs:

  • Access to the winner’s circle in our Discord
  • Beta access to our MVP product and future launches
  • Surprise swag
  • Editorial input on deciding winners of MCC
  • Premints, whitelists, and specialty auctions.

Let us know other ideas you might be interested in on Twitter, or on Instagram.

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