RMX RECS: Weekly Recs 3/31

Well, well, well! It’s RMX RECS! Rated the best weekly list of recommendations on the internet by a panel of secret geniuses. We’re back and we’ve got tons of quality stuff to share :)


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RMXCEO (Co-Founder / CEO): excerpt from chatGPT, “what is the history of drawing doodling games?”

One of the earliest online drawing games was Drawball, which launched in 2006. Drawball allowed users to draw on a shared spherical canvas, and the artwork would evolve and change over time as more users added their own contributions. Drawball quickly became popular, attracting thousands of users from around the world.

JOE THERRIEN KELLY(Community Manager): Okay, I am once again recommending a scent-centered product that I bought because of a targeted ad. This time it’s a liquid laundry detergent called Glamorous Wash. The packaging looks a little sketchy, the copy is strange, (“A rich aromatic fragrance overflowing with delicious fruits and rich florals. Rich aromatic chocolate and amber complete this luscious blend!! It’s her world… we just live in it.”) but The “Diva” scent is absolutely unreal. I’ve done two loads with it now and my sheets, shirts, towels, sweatshirts, etc. all smell out of this world. I’ve been getting tons of compliments. Diva detergent got me acting up istg.

u need this in your life
u need this in your life

EMMET SHINE (co-founder): my friend did/wrote this, just shared with me:

wikid sick
wikid sick

MADELINE BOUTON (Design Lead): i stumbled on this the other week ~ so glad you resurfaced. love the depth of documentation here

ELI STONEBERG (Adviser): Ice T, not our target demo apparently

MADELINE: noooooooooooo

RMXCEO: “font killer”

BRANDON DEES (Senior Curse Developer): Shuffling is a dance characterized by its main move, the running man, and various other steps used to travel, spin, or glide.

Chirp is a free audiobook service that gives you deals on popular audiobooks (up to 95% off!)

Superbad is a noted web art installation created by graphic designer Ben Benjamin in 1997.

this website...
this website...

MADELINE: I will never be the same.

JOE: We love to click around, don’t we folks?

MADELINE: recently dug this gem up

RMX funware aspirations ^^

DEES: whoah i was just thinking of this the other day

JOE: I’d be remiss not to recommend the new Lana album here, as it’s been getting a lot of plays this week for me. A friend of mine said she needs to be “put in a straight jacket” whenever Lana releases new music, and this album made her want to “stick her head through the wall and leave it there.” Folks, believe me when I tell you I felt that. Last Saturday was a beautiful rainy day in New York - I put this on and had a long walk around the upper east side. I love listening to music this way, so often I regulate it to the background while I’m doing something else - but sometimes it’s nice just to walk and listen.


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