What is Burn for Utility?

After the “Auction” closes, we’re allowing you to burn your yung jake Open Edition. Burning your edition gets you a new Base Emoji, which comes with some unique utility, including renewed access to the RMX Console so you can make more Cursed Emojis. Excited? Us too. We’ve got answers to all your burning questions below!


⋆˚༌⋆.∘∻⋅COMMENCE THE BURN⋅∻∘.⋆༌˚⋆

What a journey it’s been! The Cursed Emoji experience has been incredibly inspiring, we couldn’t have begun to imagine all the incredible artwork you would create with the RMX Console when we started this project - and we’re so incredibly grateful for everyone’s enthusiasm and support. To celebrate you, our wonderful community, we decided to have a bit more fun with Cursed Emojis. After the Open Edition, we’re allowing you the option to “burn to create” - what does that mean? Good question. Read on for some explanations.

Let it burn!
Let it burn!
  • What is “burning”?

    • Burning an NFT is just like burning fuel in a car - you need to expend something in order to make something else happen.
  • What do you burn?

    • You can choose how many of your yung jake Open Editions to burn.
  • Why should you burn?

    • In the case of Cursed Emojis, you need to burn your yung jake Open Edition in order to access the RMX Console for round 2. Only after minting your 2nd gen Cursed Emoji will you be eligible for those special holder perks.
  • When does the burn begin?

    • We’ll open the Console for burning beginning soon after the yung jake Open Edition closes.
  • Can I still use my original Emoji Base?

    • Yes! It’s not too late to remix! The Console will remain open for use with any of the original 512 Emoji Bases. But if you’re still holding an un-remixed Emoji Base, I wouldn’t sit on it for too long… father time comes for us all you know.

⋆˚༌⋆.∘∻⋅CURSED CREATORS⋅∻∘.⋆༌˚⋆

The entire Cursed Emojis experience wouldn’t have been possible without you, the creators. We’re so proud of everything you’ve made so far - burn with us and let’s get even more Cursed!


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