RMX RECS: Weekly Recs 3/24

What’s this? Another RMX RECS?! Absolutely! It’s the internet’s #1 ranked weekly list of top-notch recommendations from the kids you wish you could have sat with at lunch. We had a blast throwing these recs around in our Geneva. You’re KNOT gonna wanna miss this one ;)



RMXCEO (Co-Founder / CEO): this is a pretty wonderful episode of Acquired. Interesting note for what we’re working on next:

“You think about the very early technology involved to layer on more hard things on top of making this thing work, make it, make people enter a flow state when they’re playing it, make it repeatable over and over again, and add story….Miyamoto on the other hand, he’s not an engineer. He’s a designer. He thinks games can be an art form. When Yamauchi gives him the chance to make a game, he’s like, finally, I can bring my genius to it. He’s not a self-conceited man—I’m sure he didn’t think of it that way—but he has a very different vision for what a game can be.”

JOE THERRIEN KELLY(Community Manager): Great shout!! While you’ve got Spotify open, I also want to rec our monthly playlist from March. You can listen to this year-round guys, its a really good one.

MADELINE BOUTON (Design Lead): a lil late considering st patricks day was last week ~ however, this rec is timeless

while i haven't made any knots, i'm p content just perusing bain's work over and over

why knot?
why knot?

JOE: Madeline, if you’re fr you’ll get a celtic knot armband tattoo!

MADELINE: Paige, there's defo something here to explore within our current sprint.


MADELINE: knots, chains, anthropomorphism, tessellation 🕸️

PAIGE: symmetry, history, symbolism, culture 🔆


PAIGE: arguably the best lip balm of all time. 100% straight lanolin; heal your chapped lips & dry skin overnight and thank me later :)

MADELINE: ooo so lush. will be snagging.

JOE: I can't believe I haven't recommended this yet but I wanna give a huge shoutout to Poker Face on Peacock. The great new show starring Natasha Lyonne and created by Rian Johnson. IDK if any of you are familiar with Columbo but this is like a modern take on that format - it’s a detective-style murder mystery with a twist.... we know who the killer is from the very first scene! the tension is then all hanging on how/when our hero is going to catch them. It’s funny, fresh storytelling, with a new mystery each episode and great guest stars (Tim Meadows! Stephanie Hsu! Adrian Brody! Mountain Goats singer John Darnielle even appears to play an extremely divorced bass player and sing a song!). All 10 episodes are streaming now on Peacock and it's already been renewed for a second season. Please watch and talk to me about it :)

MADELINE: d00d i watched the pilot but fell off. dont even kno why. natasha lyonne's voice forever. also adrian brody.

JOE: Talk about falling off^ (watch the ep y’all)


This is not from Poker Face
This is not from Poker Face

BRANDON DEES (Transistor Choreographer):

<https://amzn.to/3FLtn3O >


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