RMX Presents: Choodle & its private beta launch at FWB FEST

Hey there! A version of this post was previously shared as part of an internal investor update, but now we want to share it with you. TL;DR, we’re working on a mobile onchain drawing utility called Choodle. We think you’ll love it.                                            

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So Much Depends on a Doodle

We’ve always been doodlers. In the margins of notebooks, on scraps of paper, or on the back of old receipts – doodles are pure spontaneous forms of expression that allow thoughts, often submerged and overlooked, to rise to the surface. And when ideas flow without restriction or judgment, they often lead to unexpected innovations and solutions….

After launching Cursed Emojis earlier this year, we developed a hypothesis that for the tech of web3 to be accessible to all internet creators it would need to feel like that. Spontaneous. Uninhibited. Invisible. To that end, we aimed to create a seamless UI/UX where web3 empowered creation quietly from the shadows.

After months of research, testing, and coding, we have built a tool that we believe will help usher in mainstream adoption, and put web3 tech in the hands of countless creators. It’s weird and awesome and it feels NEW, like it shouldn’t be this easy. It’s Choodle.

We asked: What if making NFTs was as simple as tapping your phone?
We asked: What if making NFTs was as simple as tapping your phone?

🧑‍🎨 What is Choodle? 🧑‍🎨

Imagine a mobile drawing app where every doodle is an on-chain media. That’s Choodle. (Choodle = ‘a chain-doodle’)

In one of our last updates, we wrote about some hacks we were building around doodling. This past month we branded those hacks as Choodle and launched a private beta at FWB FEST, a 3 day conference in Idyllwild, California for the intersection of crypto and culture.

This is where we met the Base team, the Polygon team and had a chance to let (hundreds) of attendees at FWB FEST demo Choodle in person. We got great feedback from the community; creators, gamers, investors, and artists alike. Tons of Choodles were created live, and through Polygon, we minted every single one.

Beta testers created hundreds of sketches based on unique daily prompts.
Beta testers created hundreds of sketches based on unique daily prompts.

✍️ Choodle Philosophy ✍️

  1. Web3 has overlooked the creative potential of the blockchain for a broader consumer audience

  2. Making NFTs should be as simple as tapping your phone

  3. Consumers MUST FEEL the benefits of ownership and permanence not get intellectually excited about them.

🙏 Choodle Product Values 🙏

  1. Own your creative work

  2. Save it forever

  3. No ads, no rent, no dark UX pattern

🧭 Choodle Fall Roadmap 🧭

We believe the blockchain can change how consumers, creators and collectors understand the value of culture online. But, if web3 is going to survive, and thrive, it must prove its value in a way that’s meaningful and fun to mainstream web consumers.

We’re going to spend the fall hammering on mobile consumer value props and multiplayer opportunities until we crack the nut of daily retention.

We’re going to do that via a series of builds, and tests with dozens and dozens of close cohorts. That’s where you come in.

We’re going to spend the fall testing consumer value props for drawing onchain
We’re going to spend the fall testing consumer value props for drawing onchain

🔋 Our Ask 🔋

We’re currently testing Choodle with close members of the RMX community; from gamers to game developers, from meme creators to collectors, from advisors to investors.


  • We want to talk to more game / multiplayer app users and creators

    • Game developers (if you know a game development shop let us know)

    • Game addicts (if you play Wordle everyday or love Pictionary, let us know)

Community (& Choodlers!)
Community (& Choodlers!)

💡 In Conclusion 💡

The market for web3 remains depressed. You see it in token prices, volumes and funding activity. We believe the path forward for companies like ours (that remain excited about the intersection of crypto and consumer) is to build products that appeal to everyday web users, not just web3 users with Metamask wallets.

In that vein, if the blockchain is going to find mass adoption, it needs to be fun, useful, and usable for mainstream consumer web users.

Doodling often acts as the starting point of creation. Many great artistic masterpieces, inventions, or concepts begin as mere doodles - unrefined and rough. These initial spontaneous sketches then evolve, paving the way for larger, more sophisticated ideas and designs. Choodle is still just a doodle. We got a great reception at FWB FEST, and we are confident we are onto something special.

-Team RMX

The Choodlers
The Choodlers


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