3 Ways Account Abstraction Can Make Web3 Better for Creators

Let’s be honest. The user experience of web3 is shit. Onboarding is intimidating. Crypto wallets are confusing, and transaction management is clunky. But there’s hope. With the innovation of account abstraction, enabled by ERC-4337, we’re seeing web3’s usability evolve into more familiar interfaces and user-friendly features.

Account abstraction allows for a wider range of wallet account use cases on the Ethereum blockchain. This affects the democratization of on-chain creation in three pivotal ways:

  1. Welcomes web2 communities as part of web3
    Account abstraction alleviates friction from the web3 user experience via social login, batch transactions, and subsidized gas fees. With fewer barriers to entry, creators can nurture relationships with communities who may have previously been deterred by web3’s learning curve.

  2. Facilitates better blockchain interactions on mobile devices 
    Before account abstraction, doing anything on the blockchain from your phone was not just a hassle but a potential security risk. We see a future where it’s fast and safe to put ideas on chain and share them—whenever and wherever you are.
    (Cue pan flute)

  3. Elevates web3 experience via loyalty and rewards
    ERC-4337 enables creators to add custom utilities and services to their products. Authorize users to watch a reel for a set amount of time or encourage stans by automatically paying for their transaction fees based on specific variables. Set up wallets to send surprise NFTs or even program wallets to self-destruct. The sky’s the limit to adding value for consumers beyond a JPEG.

In short, account abstraction can bridge web2 and web3 with cheesy goodness and usability for all. (Access core memory)

At RMX, we’re testing the benefits and real-world applications of account abstraction. Follow along as we explore features to improve web3 usability:
→ Social login (Google, Apple, etc.)
→ Batched transactions
→ Payment options
→ Funds transfer
→ Passkey authentication (PINs, passwords, biometrics, YubiKey, etc.)
→ Loyalties and rewards

We want to hear from you! How would you improve usability in web3? How do you see account abstraction helping you?

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