RMX Artist Profile: JL Maxcy

Each week RMX.Party finds a meme template for our caption contest. The community submits captions, and the winner gets a prize. Sometimes it’s ETH, sometimes it’s an NFT, and soon maybe a minted remix. It’s all one big experiment meant to be loads of fun while also helping us test product ideas.

We decided to start using NFTs as meme templates and so for the first week we decided to purchase one to give away as our prize. It was the week of the Met Gala and thought we’d find an NFT that would inspire satirical comments about the event. But a different set of news dropped that night that affected us deeply. Since memes help society process big cultural moments, we went digging for the NFT that encompasses what we were feeling. That’s when we found an NFT by JL Maxcy called Portrait of an American President.

Using JL’s NFT as a meme template inspired incredible captions and as we connected with her we became enamored by JL’s energy, work and exploration of web3. We were so impressed she inspired this series, as a way to profile the amazing artist’s creating our meme templates.

Let’s start with learning about JL Maxcy…

RMX: How do you like to be credited (i.e., do you prefer an alias or your name?)
JL: JL Maxcy. I like JL.

RMX: When did you start creating?
JL: Since the very beginning. I have always written, sang, and made art. 

RMX: Where do you find inspiration/stay inspired?
JL: Relationships. I get all my energy from all types of relating. 

RMX: What does your creative workspace look like? (Screenshot of your desktop?)
JL: I create from chaos; my workstation is usually in an order only I understand. No, pictures, haha, my untidiness is too shameful.

RMX: How do you describe your art style in a single sentence?
JL: Timeless.

RMX: How long did it take you to find your art style, and what was your journey? *(Share as much or as little as you like!)  
*JL: A lifetime. I’m 36 yo, and I’m still refining my voice. 

RMX: Tell us about the meme template you created for RMX.PARTY - idea, process, origin?
JL: I was unhappy with the current state of US politics, and I began to daydream about an alternate reality where the US had founding Mothers instead of Fathers. Sadly, US politics continues to take steps backward with regard to women’s rights. 

RMX: Do you have an affinity for memes? (likes, dislikes, etc.…) 
JL: I like them but have never made one before now. 

RMX: What is a meme that you recently discovered that made you laugh out loud?
JL: All the funny memes I have seen lately are about the sad state of the crypto market right now. The only thing to do during a dip is laugh. 

The NFT Landscape:

RMX: What excites you most about NFTs?
JL: Royalties, permanence, reach. 

RMX: What are you most wary of in the land of NFTs?
JL: Scams, bad actors, and links from strangers. 

RMX: How can web3 better support artists and creators?
JL: It already is helping. Web 3 just needs to keep growing. 

5 Quick Questions:

RMX: What was the last show you binged and loved?
JL: Bridgerton and Better Call Saul

RMX: What’s your favorite meal?
JL: Tacos, tacos, and tacos

RMX: What was your favorite cartoon show growing up?
JL: Reboot and Rugrats, I also liked Daria; her friend Jane was so cool.  

RMX: What was the last tab you had open?
JL: Ugh, Twitter. 

RMX: What music do you have on repeat right now?
JL: I have three songs right now that seem to play on repeat: “In my mind,” Lord Huron. “I lied,” Rainsford, “Love me like you hate me,” and Mumford and Sons, “Woman.” I like songs about relationships. 

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