The Future of the Creator Economy: It’s All About Community
May 19th, 2022

When people think of digital Communities today, they often think of social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. But even though these platforms are supposed to be social, they rarely feel like a true Community. This is because social media has several specific problems for both Fans and content Creators.  

At Mintted, we believe that the most important brands of the future will be Communities. But the Communities of the future will be built and incentivized with tokenization - not likes, hearts, follows, and subscribers. 

Below, we explore what creative Communities will look like in the future for Creators and their Fans. But before we can do that, we need to understand how social media in its current form is holding back Creators and Fans from their true potential.

The Problem with Social Media for Creators

Any user of social media can testify that the major platforms are far from perfect. Content Creators in particular face a number of unique challenges due to the nature of these networks. One obvious problem is that platforms like Instagram and Facebook are owned by big corporations with their own interests in mind, with unclear rules and intentions.

Because of this, Creators are forced to build their brands on social media in a way that caters to a fickle master, or else risk losing their whole audience at a moment’s notice.

Social media also exposes Creators to toxic and hate-filled comments. Creators are told they must simply “toughen up” and have thick skin. But the real problem here is that these comments come from people who the Content isn’t meant for in the first place. 

Social media platforms also earn their money through ads. This means they make most of their money out of users' data, even though users are on these platforms to enjoy their favorite Creators' content.

Perhaps the biggest problem of all, though, is that social media platforms cheapen and commoditize creative work, even though it is the very lifeblood of their own business model. Creative work fuels the network effect of social platforms that rely on user-generated Content. Yet these same platforms try to convince Creators that mere hearts or likes are valid payment for their hard work - when we all know that’s far from the truth.

The Problem with Social Media for Fans

The problems don’t stop there, unfortunately. Social media also commoditizes Fans. Third parties like Instagram and Facebook are monetizing their users’ data and attention. However, these platforms don’t provide their users any equity or stake in the game, so they see no monetary benefit from their use of these platforms, even though the users themselves are arguably one of the most valuable assets of these networks.

Monetizing an audience on social platforms has become so difficult that Creators are often forced to serve their Fans advertisements. This ad model is what Seth Godin would call Interruption Marketing, and it’s problematic because these third-party ads ultimately weaken the experience and enjoyment of original Content for both Fans and Creators. 

Giving Creators a New Way to Build & Serve Their Community

Given all the problems above, it should be clear that we need a new way to reward Creators, Communities, and Fans for the value they create. That’s why Mintted was created. We empower Creators to reach their true Fans and interact with them without being bound to any single platform’s rules. This allows Creators to produce content with only their core audience in mind. 

Using Social Tokens, Creators can easily turn their influence into real social capital - not just hearts and likes.As you’ll see next, this tokenization is not only better for Creators, but much better for Fans as well.

Empowering True Fans with Social Tokens

Mintted isn’t just for creators - we’re also dedicated to empowering Fans. With the power of Social Tokens, your Fans will have the opportunity to become true stakeholders with equity in your brand. This incentivizes Fans to further support Creators for their hard work. 

Since all the Fans in a Creator’s Community have a vested interest in their success, the result is much less negativity, and an engaged Community that has their Creator’s best interests at heart. The alignment of interests results in a better system for all parties.

The Future of Businesses & Brands

Mintted allows Creators to monetize their audience ethically and organically with Social Tokens that turn Fans into co-owners, sponsors, and stakeholders. Say goodbye to haters, restrictive platforms, and annoying ads for good. This is the future of business, branding, and Communities.

You can learn more about how Mintted empowers Creators, Communities, and Fans by reading our full manifesto here.

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