Meme Factory’s “Feels good Man” Pepe the Frog Contest! 🐸

Our second contest will be a froggin’ awesome one!

Pepe the frog wants to get boujee. He’s tired of his stagnant wardrobe and needs a makeover. Can we do it? Can one of you make Pepe comfortable in his green skin?  Let’s show people all Pepe can be!

We want to see all your “toad”ally amazing memes of Pepe. Sad Pepe, Smug Pepe, Angry Pepe, Pepe on a plane, Pepe on a train, anything goes! This one is open ended anon, you know what to do.

Let’s sell the “unfrogettable” memes and make some cold hard DANK! Hop on down and show us your best.  What message can Pepe share for you?

Pepe wants to strut his stuff. It is ok to drop your pants to pee, be shocking, and let your freak frog flag fly on this one. It “feels good man” and Pepe is depending on you! Let’s go hard Meme Factory. This is what Meme Factory was meant for. Let’s sell some memes, raise money for grants, and make our mark.

If you’re familiar with Meme Factory, skip to the ‘Rules and Prizes’ section.

New to Meme Factory?

Meme Factory is part incentive-driven voting game (AKA a Token-Curated Registry), part digital art marketplace, and part patronage/collecting platform.

Initially launched on Ethereum in 2018, Meme Factory gave away the vast majority of the curation tokens (DANK) to active governance participants during the launch. So the community has the say in what art is accepted, they can propose and vote on changes to how the app functions.

You can think of Meme Factory like a gamified Patreon but with memes.

As an artist, if your art makes it through the voting game into the Dank Registry, you can then mint your art as an NFT, a rare collectible token on the Polygon blockchain. You can then list it on the MemeFactory marketplace and other secondary marketplaces, using our in-app bridge between Polygon and Ethereum.

As a collector, you can support your favorite artists, build your collection, and trade memes. Some artists even offer perks like many other patronage platforms. Be on the lookout for our “Verified Artists” offering perks in exchange for their memes.

As a Token Holder, you can stake DNT towards the Meme Factory DAO, giving you a say in how the platform develops. You can even use the DANK tokens you earn by voting to alter how the app functions directly in-app.

Contest Rules & Prizes

The winners for this season of contests will share in a prize pool of DANK and various other prizes. We will also reward winners of each contest with an allotment of DNT, so you can stake it into Meme Factory to participate in the Meme Factory DAO.


  1. Every contest has a dedicated theme, announced in time for everyone to prepare adequately. All submitted memes must be related to the announced theme.
  2. Once the theme is announced, you may start sculpting your creations. Each contest will have a precise deadline to get your memes into The Registry.
  3. Everyone gets the chance to submit their work to the Dank Registry (participants will need a fixed amount of $DANK, which will be provided to early contestants, in order to submit their memes to the Registry).
  4. All entries adhering to the theme will get 1000 $DANK. Once submitted, anyone has the right to vote on their favorite meme by using their $DANK tokens to vote for or against a submitted meme.
  5. If you think a meme submitted to the registry is STANK 👎, you may challenge it by staking your $DANK tokens to initiate a community wide vote. Be right and you win even more $DANK in return, be wrong and your $DANK goes to the winners of the challenge.
  6. The memes with the most votes are crowned THE DANKEST. All entries that make it into the registry will equally share in the prize pool for that round.
  7. After the winner’s announcement, all DANK memes can be minted as NFTs and freely traded on Meme Factory!
  8. The top three entries will win an allotment of $DNT. (Subject to change based on contest turnout.)

Let’s do this district0x fam! Stay tuned for the announcement of the first contest theme and deadlines on our Discord and Twitter!

Fun fact: Did you know the word “meme” is derived from the Greek word “mimema” which means “something imitated”? Well, now you do.

If you want to join our partner program and start hosting on-chain meme competitions for your community (early adopters get free $DANK tokens), tweet us or write us at

For more information about the district0x network:

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