Dystopia Labs Launches $WGMI, A Social Token For Global Event Access

Our $WGMI token contract is: https://etherscan.io/token/0x743b8f01e33e4d8358893a196aefa4c4e8712b37

Since the dawn of time, the world has been ruled by a cabal of shadowy coders. But getting adoption for global infrastructure isn’t as easy as it once was. That’s why we, Dystopia Labs, have launched the $WGMI ecosystem; to help expand the crypto cult and enact our technical overlords’ whims for a better Web3 future.

The WGMI Mission:

Truth is, it’s hard to drag users down the crypto rabbithole unless they have a strong support network — ie. squads of crypto friends — to keep the momentum going.

Nowadays, with so many new users being onboarded through NFTs, DAOs, and DeFi, we see an opportunity (and strong need) for the manifestation of IRL spaces and fun activities tailored for connection & squad formation.

That is why we have launched $WGMI. To help new geographical regions, communities, and projects activate new friends together in Web3 through a series of events.

Introducing WGMI (“We’re Gonna Make It”) Festivals

Dystopia Fests are built for going deep and helping our attendees make connections that count so that they can manifest cool shit together. We will run 12 summits per year: 4 IRL summits, 4 IRL hackathons, and 4 virtual summits. Our first Dystopia Fest will take place on April 6th — 9th in Portland.

Dystopia Labs as the Genesis $WGMI Node

Backed by a global community of over 28,800+ event registrants, 37+ corporate sponsors, and 14+ community partners, Dystopia Labs, a low-key educational org founded by Hsin-Ju Chuang & Cruz Molina, has grown quite sizable since its inception in 2019 and is now ready for the next step of its evolution — incentive-aligned, decentralization.

There are 3 tiers of membership with the $WGMI social token:

  • Tier 1 — Access To Our Community & Discord
  • Tier 2— Membership Access To Our IRL Summits
  • Tier 3— Lockup For B2B Access To A 2-yr Event Sponsorship Subscription

The $WGMI Tokeneconomics

We have minted a total of 1 billion $WGMI tokens. Of that, 40% will be set aside for Tier 3 memberships (Lockup for B2B Access To A 2-Yr Event Sponsorship Subscription). 20% will be given to Dystopia Labs, Inc for being the Genesis Node. 10% will be given to a WGMI Community Node DAO which will be comprised of event organizers who also want to token-gate their own events and communities. 10% will be given to an Investment DAO which will invest in projects that come out of $WGMI hackathons. 10% will be given in a retroactive airdrop to our community. 10% will be given as IRL airdrops to those who attend our events IRL.

The $WGMI Roadmap:

  • B2B — We are currently focused on Tier 3 memberships and getting companies to lockup our tokens in exchange for 2-years worth of event sponsorship access.
  • B2IRL — We will then focus on distributing Tier 1 memberships to people who attend any of our events IRL. The goal of this is to bring more $WGMI holders into the fold. [We Are Here]
  • B2Dao — We will launch the WGMI Community Node DAO (10%) & Investment DAO (10%) and incentivize our community & other event organizers to join.
  • B2Community — We will do a 10% retroactive airdrop to people who have attended our past events & contributed to our ecosystem.

How To Obtain WGMIs Early On via IRL Airdrops:

We’ll be giving out WGMI tokens to all people who attend our meetups and hangouts IRL. Dystopia Labs will be running the following IRL activation events before the end of 2021:

The Purpose Of Our DAOs:

  • The DAOs (WGMI community node DAO & investment DAO) exist to 1) control funds from the community treasury 2) help decentralize the number of educators, event organizers, and community groups w/in the WGMI ecosystem and 3) support projects that come out of our hackathons.

Progressive Decentralization:

How we see decentralization happening is in two parts. Us, incentivizing WGMI community nodes to co-organize events with us and bringing their communities into the $WGMI fold. The other being, incentivizing event organizers who, similar to us, want to offer token-gated membership using WGMI to their ecosystem. TLDR; we want to make sure we’re not the only event organizers in our ecosystem; thus, will collaborate heavily with other players and offer up matching of $WGMI to align incentives.

Join our Community:

Last but not least, stay safe out there!

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