Adjustable ENA Reward Boost

We are excited to share the next set of updates to the Sats Campaign.

ENA 20-100% Boost

Based on community feedback the $ENA liquidity lock has been simplified to further align incentives for longer term participants

Users can now lock $ENA to receive a scaled sats boost up to 100% based on the amount of $ENA locked relative to USDe positions

For example, if you hold $10,000 of USDe in any position in the ecosystem

-$2,000 of ENA will provide a 20% boost

-$5,000 of ENA will provide a 50% boost

-$10,000 of ENA will provide a 100% boost

Which will be applied to all Sats earned from USDe holdings. The minimum boost is 20%.

Locked $ENA will continue to receive the highest rewards at 30x

Users are also able to meet their minimum ENA requirements via Pendle’s YT ENA which reduces the capital outlay required by 6x thanks to the leverage offered by YT.

1 YT ENA = 1 ENA for the boost requirements

New DeFi Sats Integrations

There are several new ways to earn sats across DeFi protocols:

  • Karak: Users can deposit USDe into Karak for 20x sats, as well as Karak restaking incentives.
  • Swell: USDe deposits into the Swell pre-deposit contract will now receive 15x Sats
  • Camelot: Users can receive 30x Sats by providing direct liquidity to the Camelot USDe/USDC pool on Arbitrum.
  • Fraxlend: Borrowers can now receive 20x on their USDe collateral and 5x on sUSDe collateral via Fraxlend.
  • Morpho & FRAX: With the launch of USDe and sUSDe/FRAX pools on Morpho, users can now borrow FRAX and receive 20x sats on their USDe collateral, and 5x sats on their sUSDe collateral.

Next week we will reveal our single most important integration to date, with USDe being embedded in a tier-one centralized exchange across their platform.

Sats FAQ

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