Sub Thread Weekly | Week 8 | RAW Workshops on Twitter Spaces
January 13th, 2022

Sub Thread Weekly is your best source for a quick debrief across the latest news, actions, events and happenings in Raw Apparel (Digital to Physical). It’s curated and published by Global Designer Network DAO member Mo'Casso. Weave your way through the threads below to get all caught up on the culture.

#RAWorkshops on Wednesdays is officially live!

When I first started creating the RAW realm I asked a few people for ideas on what they thought I could incorporate to help grow our community. Alma Andrea gave me the great idea once to host Q & A sessions with people that are making waves within the physical 2 digital space in our discord.

As our discord continued to grow, more and more people began introducing theirs elves and sharing their gifts. It became super evident at this point, that was going to work out perfectly! I pitched the idea to the group and everyone loved it. I even had the idea to turn the party up a notch and take it to twitter spaces! So we set a date and time that would work for most and decided to start by spotlighting member Krave Artistry and talk about filliping NFTs.

During the Workshop Krave covered vital information for people that are new in the web3 space and interested in investing in NFTs.

He talked about:

  • getting into projects early (major key!)
  • vetting projects
  • protecting yourself when entering new projects and spaces
  • red flags in NFT projects
  • and much more!

The recording is only available for a month on twitter, so catch the replay and be on the look out for our next workshop next Wednesday @ 2pm PST

We also have an awesome POAP that was sent to everyone who made it to our first workshop! I will continue to drop one during each workshop so be sure to attend to collect them all!

Our beautiful POAP for 1/12/22
Our beautiful POAP for 1/12/22

What else is Happening in the RAW realm currently?

  • We are currently busy busy working on collaborations for Realm Runways in NY next month. We have creators sending in physical, digital and a mix of both using the “Black Out” theme ;-)
  • 20/25 Galaxy 3.0 Tie dye tee shirts are still available on digitalax NOW
  • Community Call in Digitalax server Friday @ 12pm PST for updates
  • RAWorkshops every Wednesday @ 2pm PST
  • Fractal Yoga starting next Thursday (be on the lookout for more details dropping soon!)
  • The Collectors Club live session will be this weekend! Join the exclusive “Collectors Club” voice chat for some good music, a little meet and greet and behind the scenes of me making your Tie dye Tee’s

Recent Drops from RAW Members:

  • Here’s a great article written by Ze to give a quick overview of the GDN and RAW realm:
  • Here’s a great podcast by 360Fashion going over new this week in tech & fashion
3D Jewelry box created by Sergio Rojas
3D Jewelry box created by Sergio Rojas
Physical Jewelry Box created by Tiny using Resin
Physical Jewelry Box created by Tiny using Resin

As we transform our realm into a DAO, I will continue to share all that we are doing in this weekly Subthread for the Global Designer Network. If you want to help take over the physical 2 digital realm, join the discord now!

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