Tutorial for Automated Protection Week

🚀Welcome to the Automated Protection Week!

🎁Event Rewards : NFT (Airdrop target), for details, please refer to Automated Protection Week

🕔Event period : July 7 (12:00 EST) — July 21 (12:00 EST)

🚶‍♂️Mandatory tasks overview:

  1. Create a CIAN’s smart wallet;
  2. Build one of these Four ‘’Borrow to Farm’’ positions:
    1. Strategy 1: Borrow to fram — Stablecoin
    2. Strategy 2: Borrow to farm — BTC/ETH
    3. Strategy 3: Borrow to Farm — other assets
    4. Strategy 4: Leveraged Staking Strategies for sAVAX
  3. Fully secure your position with ‘’Auto-borrow’’, ‘’Auto-repay’’ and ‘’Flash-Repay’’;
  4. Join CIAN on Discord;
  5. Follow CIAN, Avalanche & BenQI on Twitter;
  6. Share your investor profile on Twitter (And quote the event article);
  7. Re-Tweet the Roundtable announcement on Twitter (7/15–7/21);
  8. Fill out the final form (Available from 7/18–7/31)

Mandatory Tasks - Step by Step

If any of the underlying steps have already been executed, you can move ahead to the next step.

📔 Preparation:

1.Create your CIAN smart wallet and deposit some funds into it. Your smart wallet is a dedicated smart contract that allows CIAN to automate/manage/protect your position(s) while remaining completely decentralized.

2. Authorize the ‘’EIP-2612’’ signature (suggested over 20 days). This authorization will enable CIAN to automatically execute your transactions, based on your preset parameters, even if you’re away, thus allowing you to enjoy a full automation. This operation is gas-free.

3. Deposit some AVAX in the “Gas Contract” (suggested 2 AVAX).  Since CIAN doesn’t have direct access to your funds, every fund deposited in this dedicated smart contract will be used to cover the gas fee generated  by the automated transactions.

Building your position:

1️⃣Earn steady profits on CIAN by building one of those 4 strategies, and adding CIAN’s 3 automation tools: Auto-Borrow / Auto-Repay / Flash-Repay (tutorial included in the strategy guides below.)

A) Strategy 1 : Borrow to farm - Stablecoin

B) Strategy 2 : Borrow to farm - BTC/ETH

C) Strategy 3 : Borrow to farm - other assets

D) Strategy 4: Leveraged Staking Strategies for sAVAX

2️⃣Share your investor profile on Twitter (And quote the event article)
A) Select at least one task that you want to share on Twitter.

B)  Download the image.

C) Share your investor profile on Twitter, and quote the event Tweet.

3️⃣ Join CIAN’s discord server: https://discord.com/invite/cian

4️⃣ Follow Avalanche, BENQI & CIAN on Twitter.

5️⃣Re-Tweet the Roundtable announcement on Twitter (7/15 - 7/21)

6️⃣Fill out the final form( 7/18–7/31)

Additional task (optional)

Every additional contribution will impact the rarity of your final reward. The rare the NFT, the bigger the airdrop.

  1. Complete Discord tasks (Revealed during the event)

  2. Participate/Assist to the Twitter space Roundtable  (7/21)

  3. Stay active in the community (Help new members, engage good conversations, help as a moderator/senior)

  4. Provide product optimization suggestions (Counted only if relevant and implemented)

  5. Create visual materials, guides, articles, memes, videos...

  6. Promote the event via your own resources (If you are a KOL/Promoter/Important member of private communities)

    * Please save a screenshot and/or link for every additional task completed. Participants will need to provide those proof in the final form.

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