Tutorial for L.A.A.S. Event

🚀Welcome to the L.A.A.S. Event!

🎁Event Rewards : NFT (Airdrop target), for details, please refer to L.A.A.S. Event

🕔Event period : August 10 (12:00 EST) — August 24 (12:00 EST)

Basic tasks (mandatory) - Step by Step

If any of the underlying steps have already been executed, you can move ahead to the next step.

1️⃣Participate in AT LEAST ONE of the following activities

2️⃣Join CIAN on Discord

3️⃣Re-Tweet the L.A.A.S Event contents on Twitter

4️⃣Follow CIAN & LIDO on Twitter

5️⃣Share Competition Ranking (8.24)

6️⃣Fill out the final form (8.22 - 8.28)

Advanced tasks (optional)

  1. Provide product optimization suggestion(s)
  2. Being an active member in the community
  3. Promote CIAN’s Automated Strategies (stETH leveraged arbitrage for now)
  4. Provide visual material, guide, translated article
  5. Discover product vulnerabilities (If important vulnerabilities are found and reported, CIAN will ensure proper compensation in return)
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