Leveraged arbitrage - Strategy Adoption Award

Strategy Adoption Award - Step by Step

If any of the underlying steps have already been executed, you can move ahead to the next step.

1️⃣ Preparation:

  • Create a smart wallet
  • Deposit some funds
  • Authorize the ‘’EIP-2612’’ signature
  • Deposit some ETH in the “Gas Contract”

1.Create your smart wallet. The smart wallet is a dedicated smart contract that allows CIAN to automate/manage/protect your position(s) while remaining completely decentralized.

2.Authorize the ‘’EIP-2612’’ signature (suggested over 30 days). This authorization will enable CIAN to automatically execute your transactions, based on your preset parameters, even if you’re away, thus enabling a full automation. This operation is gas-free. Please make sure to keep the signature alive for as long as you plan to run the strategy.

3. Deposit some ETH in the “Gas Contract” (suggested 1 ETH).  Since CIAN doesn’t have direct access to your funds, every fund deposited in this dedicated smart contract will be used to cover the gas fees generated  by the automated transactions.

2️⃣ Select Leveraged stETH-ETH Arbitrage

3️⃣ Set your own parameters

The following parameters are for reference only

  • Leverage: 2.5
  • Lower Price (stETH): 0.95
  • Upper Price (stETH): 0.96
  • Stop-loss price: 0.94

*The following parameters are for reference only

💳You can change the parameters at all time (EDIT)

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