Why Web3 Matters & 10 People I Want to Talk to in 2022

Last week tech billionaires decided to gang up and attack the Web3 movement. And boy am I happy they did because the public faces of Web3 are currently Chris Dixon, a16z, and BAYC/CryptoPunk traders. But there are way cooler people, communities, and projects that the general public does not know about. In Web3 there are many cultures, races, sexes, and ethnicities working together to build a future that is fair for all. It is a beautiful thing to witness and be a part of. Below I will explain two reasons why I think Web3 will help humans make our world a fairer place and I will list 10 people who I think can help us lead this revolution.

No More Free Labor

The American economy was built by the free labor provided by Africans. And today in 2022 the American economy still relies on free labor provided by Africans and citizens throughout the world. Many of the top corporations make their money by acquiring free user-generated content and data.

Web3 is simply a new way to use the internet that allows people to own digital assets. Ownership of our digital assets will give all internet users the individual responsibility to “work” and get paid according to our abilities and needs.

Example: The time we spend creating and viewing content on social media is being used by companies for profit. But what if we owned our digital assets like posts and usage data? That may allow us to work with advertisers to get paid directly and without a middleman.


According to Dr. Claude Anderson IRL (In Real Life) wealth, power, and resources in this society have been frozen since 1790. Dr. Anderson says ~82% of the wealth in America is owned by white men. This leaves the rest of us to compete for the remaining ~18%. In our society white men control an overwhelming majority of all the wealth, income, power, resources, privileges, businesses, and the government.

It is clear that white men control the power IRL but I see a future where the people are in control of the power online/URL. And I think the American elites are afraid of Web3 because it reminds them of the C-word:

Communism is a political theory advocating class war and leading to a society in which all property is publicly owned and each person works and is paid according to their abilities and needs. And we all know how much money was spent and how many lives were lost trying to eradicate Communism from our world .  .  .

We have an opportunity to remix Capitalism by adding a little bit of compassion and love. White men got ahead by being compassionless and hoarding information and wealth. In Web3 most of the information is open-sourced which allows anyone with an iPhone and internet access to join or create their own economy.

Regardless of what the mainstream media says, Web3 is needed, and here are 10 people I would love to talk within 2022 to push the culture forward:

Pauly - @Pauly0x

Pauly is the anonymous leader of the CryptoPhunks. I would love to chat with Pauly about the importance of being fearless and having integrity in Web3.

Sonia Syngal

Sonia Syngal is the CEO of GAP. In 2021 we saw Gucci partner with Superplastic, Adidas partner with BAYC, and Nike acquire RTFKT. In 2022 I would love to chat with Sonia about possibly collaborating with our NFT project, Freedom Flowers.

Chris Dixon - @cdixon

Chris Dixon recently followed me on Twitter so I reached out to him. I think Chris is a pioneer and very brave for helping bring attention to Web3. I think Chris Dixon and a16z need to work with more altruistic Web3 projects that prioritize creating value for people first and making money second. His firm a16z is being attacked by a majority of the Web2 community; maybe a partnership with us will help ease those attacks?

We are currently looking for funding. If you know better financiers than Chris Dixon and a16z, let me know. If not, I will be waiting patiently for CD to reply to my DM.

Vitalik - @VitalikButerin

The dude is a legend. I am sure I will learn a ton from him.

Oprah - @Oprah

I would like to chat with Oprah and onboard her to Web3.

Nas - @Nas

Nas is friends with Ben Horowitz, who owns a16z, and who can get us a meeting with Chris Dixon or Kathryn Haun.

Russ - @russdiemon

Russ’s tenacity and his “get it from the mud” energy and mindset are what I need if we are not able to get funded. Web3 allows artists like me to make a living without needing the assistance of famous names and brands. Russ is proof that hard work, being resilient, and believing in yourself work well in the digital world.

Sadhguru - @SadhguruJV

Sadhguru changed my life and I would love to thank him by onboarding him to Web3.

50 Cent - @50Cent

I need a business mentor and I love the way 50 Cent does business.

Kathryn Haun - @katie_haun

We need a Web3 mentor and I do not know who is more qualified than Kathryn. She and Rachel Horwitz are about to do something cool in Web3 and we would love to be a part of it.

Sending you all tons of love and positive energy; HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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