Fish2Earn in Fishing Master: An Arcade-Casino-GameFi Trinity
December 8th, 2021

The Fish-to-Earn game, Fishing Master, has started its Open Beta on the BSC mainnet since November, 2021. During the first month after launching, the early birds came up with many questions regarding the ways to earn, the risks in gameplay and the uncertainty of ROI, etc. To find out the answers and gain sustainable income in Fishing Master, a player needs to understand the nature of this game - the game is an arcade-casino-gamefi trinity.

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A $90M incentive pool will launch inside Fishing Master. Scroll down to Weekly Leaderboard Incentive Program to see the explanation on rules.

The Arcade Experience

Fishing Master is built based on the classic fishing video game which has been popular all around the world for more than a decade, first came out in Japanese arcades. The game is simple:

  • Four players, each takes a corner on the screen and mans a fishing cannon.
  • In every game session, various kinds of fish swims across the screen, representing different points.
  • The players deposit and spend bullets to fire on fish in order to earn points back.
  • The players must compete to catch more fish in the room to win more balance.
  • The players can choose stronger cannons and larger multipliers that enhance fishing efficiency but also increase risks.
  • The one who fired up all bullets loses the game, but the game session itself could be endless.

In summary, the game is a realtime, competitive, multiplayer arcade testing the participants' skills, patience and strategies. It's believed that billions of people shared the similar experiences. In fact, the present Web2.0 companies are still operating these games on iOS and Android devices.

Nowadays Fishing Master is the first trial to power the famous legacy with cryptocurrencies, NFT and DeFi technologies, while the core in-game experience stays the same as the game sessions are inherited intact. The two significant differences are:

  • Now the players must convert the FMC token into Bullets for shooting. 1 FMC = 1 Bullet.
  • Now the players must stake their Cannon NFTs into the inventory to equip the weapons in the game.

No matter how many new features are embedded, the original logic is kept: to win is to earn as many points as possible via shooting on fish. The larger the fish is, the more return the players may get, but the harder it can be caught. After all, the gaming experience is a typical arcade one which triggers everyone's childhood memory.

The Casino Rules

The fishing game is a very straightforward and exciting arcade for everyone, which made it a commonly seen product in casinos, especially in Asia. The rule can't be more obvious: people swap tokens for points at the entrance of the game sessions, and then shoot to catch fish in wish to earn many more tokens back. Naturally, like in any casino, no one should ignore the factors influencing money making during fishing:

  • Bet Size

    The size of the bet can be adjusted at any time through the Multiplier, e.g. 10x-10000x in Fishing Master. For instance, if the player chooses 100x when killing a fish with 50 point basis, the 5,000-point reward will instantly return to the player's balance, while each fired bullet means 100-point cost simultaneously as well. Therefore, if the player unfortunately missed the target, many points could be wasted. In short, one shot is one bet, and the Multiplier gives players the option to set the risk levels they prefer.

  • Probability

    It is probability that affects winning or loss of every shot. First, cannons carry properties including net sizes (determine the kill zone when a bullet hits a group of fish), damage rates (determine the maximum damage on fish by one shot) and accuracy rates (determine the chance of one shot to be effective). Second, each kind of fish has its basic difficulty rate for suffering damage. Third, the dynamic difficulty adjustment method reacts to all players' move to keep the game from systematic risks. The players must decide whether to focus on small fish (high chance of killed in groups) for small income or to bet their luck on large fish (likely to miss) for huge income. Either way requires patience and skills.

Fishing Master's game sessions work exactly in this way so the players must fully understand the game's difference from the other Play-to-Earn games that it is Win-to-Earn and risky, indicating that there are players defeated and losing money to the others who aggregate points beyond their initial deposit. It explains why ROI is impossible to be predicted here: a player could earn 500% in a few hours using a good cannon or lose everything rapidly by messing up with the bullets. Below are the tips for all beginners:

  • Watch the video guide before start
  • Equip a refined cannon with proper barrels
  • Aim on small fish instead of large fish
  • Only shoot when fish swim closely in groups
  • Keep the Multiplier low on day one

On the other hand, the house does not take the risk of reward payment all the time so that no Ponzi is needed.

The GameFi Mechanism

Despite the bankless upgrade brought by cryptocurrencies, open finance and Web3.0 components have made important contributions to the Fishing Master ecosystem. Key innovations like algorithmic stablecoins, liquidity mining, non-fungible tokens and decentralised exchanging are imported.

Fishing Master Coin (FMC)

A casino player will not tolerate an in-game token with huge price fluctuation, which is why FMC needs to be invented as a stablecoin. There are a few noteworthy facts about this crypto:

  • To build an intuitive connection with Bullets, FMC is naturally pegged to 1 cent rather than 1 dollar.
  • FMC can be issued everywhere but limited to 100,000,000,000 per blockchain, so the full market cap is $1B on a single network e.g. BSC.
  • The FMC OTC service is the FMC/USDT purchase site just like a simple ICO dApp. Its purpose is to meet the demand from players infinitely without causing any slippage or fee. Part of its revenue must continuously be used to expand the liquidity on DEXs or become the reserve of the stabiliser.
  • A stabiliser is an official smart contract which actively keeps FMC price around $0.01 (+/- 5%). Anyone else holding FMC and dollars can play the same arbitrage role.

According to this paradigm, the players need not expect the price rising of the in-game token, and the late participants does not pay extra cost when entering. More importantly, the game operates stably in a bearish market.


Players can select over 20 types of cannons in Fishing Master. They are different in many aspects, including barrel numbers, firing intervals, net sizes, damage rates, accuracy, bounce abilities and ballistic patterns. These variables decide the performance of the cannons.

Players can spend FMC to mint new cannon NFTs through the blind box in the game or simply buy the second hands on the market. They are permanent assets that all players should devote. In fact, since the cannon quality directly affects fishing performance, the cannons are equivalent to capital efficiency.

The cannon NFTs can evolve. In the latest version, each bullet fired turns into a byproduct - a shell that can be spent on upgrading a broken cannon to its refined status. In the future, it is expected that a workshop will go live to enable legendary cannon forging by mixing cannon and shell materials together.

Fishing as Mining

Thousands of cannons firing upon fish to compete for rewards based on the size of bet and probability - sounds familiar? Yes. It's just like PoS+PoW. In Fishing Master, the fishing as mining feature offers an alternative path to earn that the system regularly reward the players based on their bullet firing amount in periods. This feature is implemented in Weekly Leaderboard Incentive Program.

Because the basis of competition is about the bullet firing amount of the account (not the points it won), for a participant, the key to win more reward is to fire as many times as possible using the bullets deposited, as bullets are money which is always limited. To do so, the gameplay is no longer about risking on big fish for large points, but it is all about how to safely fire more while having the account balance kept in the long term.

There is a good way to evaluate the players' performance from the mining angle. The new concept is Cycle. A Cycle is one count that a player fires the exact amount of bullets equal to the game account's net deposit. For example, if Alice deposited 10,000 FMC for 10,000 bullets, and then she fired 10,000 bullets during the gameplay while she is still having enough bullets in the inventory to keep playing, it means she has successfully finished a Cycle. Since the game is risky, in the worst scenario, if Alice fired up all her bullets ending up with a 1,000,000-bullet firing record, it is rational to say that she endured 100 Cycles. The more Cycles a player can endure, the higher capital efficiency he/she makes in the mining competition.

Weekly Leaderboard Incentive Program

Weekly Leaderboard Incentive Program is the alternative way to earn in Fishing Master. The project offers a dynamic incentive pool every week to reward players who fire and deposit a lot. The detailed rules can be found here:

The incentive program begins in December, 2021, lasting 36 weeks. The bonus bullets, worth $90,000,000, will be distributed to each week's qualified participants.

To get rewarded, the players must meet the following requirements:

  • Firing at least 10,000 bullets during the week. Otherwise the accounts won't enter the ranking system of the bullet firing amount.
  • Be on top 50% of the players in the ranking system of the bullet firing amount.

The reward is distributed based on Account Weight (like the hash power of miners), which is determined by two elements. Below is the equation:

weight = B_weekshotcost * ( B_charge - B_withdraw )

  • B_weekshotcost is the amount of Bullets fired by the user for the week.
  • B_charge - B_withdraw is the net deposit of bullets inside the account.

The equation reveals a simple rule that firing amount and net deposit are both crucial. If the player fired a lot but deposited few, his/her weight could be small, leading to small rewards. If the player didn't fire many (e.g. ranking at 49%) but deposited a lot, he/she could still receive big rewards. For example:

  • Alice fired 10 million bullets for the week. She once deposited 1 million bullets but cashed out 0.9 million bullets recently.
    Her account weight is 10,000,000 * 100,000 = 1,000,000,000,000.
  • Bob fired 1 million bullets for the week. He deposited 1.5 million bullets long time ago but has never cashed out.
    His account weight is 1,000,000 * 1,500,000 = 1,500,000,000,000.

Apparently Bob will receive 50% more rewards than Alice even though he has only fired 1/10 bullets.

The equation's foremost purpose is to protect the human players since gold farmer studios might have irrational advantage in Cycle performance with the assistance of auto fishing bots. The requirement of net deposit is designed to balance the situation.

The mechanism creates the following effects:

  • For the players who deposit much, they would only need to make sure that they stay inside the top 50% ranking thus gaining enough rewards. Since firing is risky, such players can choose more deposit rather than more firing to raise their account weight.
  • For the players who deposit less, they could fire more to raise the account weight. Although there could be some risk, the risk is limited to the deposit (exposure).

Therefore, the incentive program gives a new income path for the fishing men. This path does not force players to take too much risk on hunting big fish, but they now can build strategies by themselves (either more shots or more deposit). The new GameFi model - Fishing as Mining x Staking as Mining - has brought a revolution to the traditional casino product.

About Fishing Master

Evolving from the classic fishing video game popular for over a decade, Fishing Master has arrived first on the Binance Smart Chain mainnet. Open Beta is live now, bringing a new Fish2Earn trend.

No IDO or pending for products. The game has been revealed within its fully developed shape. Take just $10 to start your trip.


  • Multiplayer realtime online game. Fortune is awaiting every shooting ace. Beating a boss rewards you up to $50,000
    Watch the video on
  • Your choices: 21 types of Cannons with different qualities, 10x-10000x shooting multipliers, two Skill buffs
  • The first dedicated game stablecoin - Fishing Master Coin ($FMC) - pegged to $0.01, 1 FMC = 1 Bullet. The FMC-USDT liquidity is provided on Pancakeswap
  • A special FMC OTC dApp provides unstoppable $FMC purchase service with zero slippage and zero fee rate
  • Smart contracts ensure your transactions never interfered by any middleman, such as Bullet refilling and cashout, Cannon minting and loading
  • Take 10-in-1 Combo Draw in Blindbox to get 1 Cannon NFT + 9 Skill Cards for 100% chance
  • A perfect NFT marketplace allows you to trade Cannon NFTs easily
  • You get bonus Bullets by inviting friends to refill
  • Multiplatform, fully adaptive, 3D graphic…Enter the game directly in browsers, supporting PCs, MetaMask app and other Web3 compatible wallets
  • Anonymous, permissionless, bankless…Enjoy a GameFi ecosystem with freedom
  • The GameFiMaster family governance token will airdrop to all active players fairly

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  • Cannon NFT BEP-721 Token Contract Address

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