Introducing the Tycho Open Source Community

Since the earliest days of Tycho, online communities have played an integral role in the project. From the origins of the ISO50 blog, to traditional social media, and most recently the Tycho Friendship Server on Discord, I’ve always seen these digital spaces as opportunities to connect with my community. Web3 now presents us with a chance to connect on an even deeper level, which is why I’m launching the Tycho Open Source Community.

Tycho Origins
I started ISO50 16 years ago to create a space for discussing art and music directly with fans. One of my favorite aspects of the Tycho fanbase is how heavily it skews toward creatives, particularly musicians, visual artists, and designers.

Visitors to the ISO50 blog quickly transformed into active contributors. In today’s social media dominated landscape, artists are struggling to forge deeper connections with their followers. It’s something of a one-way street, with artists posting with no real way of knowing who they’re reaching, making it virtually impossible to move beyond surface level exchanges.

Introducing Tycho Open Source Community
|With the recording of my newest album well underway, I’m hoping to share my artistic process with those who have supported me along the way through the Tycho Open Source Community.

We’re giving an inside view into my creative process, and offering greater access to unreleased music, live streams, behind the scenes footage (both from the studio and from tour), and much more.

On the collaboration front, we launched a design competition, similar to what we did in 2019 with #TychoEasyDIY on Instagram. This new project, Open Source DIY, expands upon that concept as a pure, collaborative, design competition. Remixers are invited to completely re-imagine my design and I’ll be picking my top three for the community to vote on. The winning design will be featured on community exclusive merch. Everyone in the community will receive a digital collectible to commemorate what will be the first of many opportunities to collaborate with each other. I’m really excited about the ways these projects can empower fans and provide a platform for their art. Next up, I’m hoping to have community members try their hand at remixing some of my music.

Why Launch the Tycho Open Source Community?
In laying out the framework of the Tycho Open Source Community, I looked to a few distinct places for guidance and inspiration (aside from ISO50). Partnering closely with Medallion, we are looking for ways to bring the creative exchange of the blog era back in an evolved way.

Web3 enables deeper connections through direct relationships, without third parties hindering them. There are no algorithms or intermediaries standing between us and the fans and no one dictating the way this project is run. Web3 gives Tycho collectors access to new opportunities, including trading, selling, admission passes, and more.

What’s most exciting is that this is the early days of a technology that is growing in power and expanding its realm of possibilities. We hope that Tycho Open Source will grow in parallel and offer opportunities that we haven’t yet imagined.

Closing Thoughts
I’m excited to embark on this journey and to further strengthen the bond I have already felt with my community over the years. At the end of the day, this is entirely about deepening the artist-fan connection and encouraging dialogue. The Tycho Open Source Community is an exciting next step in this evolution and I hope you’ll follow along.

To join Tycho Open Source visit

Here you’ll be prompted through a few simple steps to claim your membership pass and access the first of many forms of unreleased content.

We’re excited to see what the community submits for the first merch contest and look forward to hearing from you about new experiences you’d like to see in the future.

Thank you to Medallion for being our partner in this rollout and to everyone looking to go deeper.

I can’t wait to share what I’ve been working on.

  • Scott Hansen / Tycho
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