The EXA Airdrop is Here!

Last Tuesday, we introduced our next step in the Exactly Protocol’s path to decentralization, which involves the launch of the EXA token in OP Mainnet, which will function as the native governance token in the Exactly DAO.

Today, we are proud to announce the beginning of the EXA airdrop to foster community engagement, awareness, and protocol adoption.

EXA Airdrop

Exactly Protocol users that have already used the protocol in OP Mainnet since the inception of the OP token rewards program last April, will receive an airdrop of 1% (100,000 EXA) of the total token supply (10,000,000 EXA). The eligibility criteria will be proportionate to the OP rewards previously distributed through our Rewards Controller as of July 18th, 2023, 19:00 UTC. Users assigned OP rewards but didn’t claim them will also be eligible for the airdrop.

Users can claim their stream of tokens on July 25, 2023, at 4 pm UTC.

To keep our community engaged and ensure a steady EXA supply, we will implement a gradually linear stream of 4 months for airdrop tokens, beginning from the claim date. Eligible users will receive their EXA airdrop through a gradual stream facilitated by Sablier. All related activities and processes will happen through the Exactly web app in the new Governance section.

Once you make your initial claim, the Sablier stream commences, unlocking your funds linearly over a period of 4 months. The value of your airdrop is divided into 9,676,800 seconds, equivalent to 4 months or 112 days. With each passing second, a portion of your funds becomes available for withdrawal.

Airdrop Eligibility

Users who want to check if they are eligible for the EXA airdrop can do so at this link. There you will find a JSON file with all the recipient addresses of the EXA airdrop and the amount of EXA tokens that correspond to each of them. Users can also check the criteria used to generate the JSON at this link.

The amount in the JSON file is defined with 18 decimals. So if the value for an account address is 1000000000000000000, then the account will receive 1EXA token (to be streamed during 4 months). As another example, if the value is 123, then the account will receive a total of 0.000000000000000123EXA.

🚨 As you may know, the growth of Exactly Protocol can lead to many scam attempts for our users. Remember that no one from our team will send you direct messages through any social network or ask you to click on any link. Always communicate through our official channels if you have any questions or concerns.

Keep yourself in the loop on Exactly Protocol’s developments and our goal to decentralize the credit market by following us on Twitter and joining our lively communities on Discord and Telegram.

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