Introducing: NEON BUIDL
July 7th, 2022

Today, we’re proud to announce Neon BUIDL, a new type of DAO incubated by Tribute Labs, Neon DAO and a handful of the best builders in web3. Formed to rally and empower a diverse community of 3D creators, designers and architects, Neon BUIDL aims to foster a culture of teach, learn, build, as part of a larger effort to help support an open, interoperable metaverse.

If you’re on the internet, you’ve undoubtedly heard the term ‘metaverse’ get thrown around. Since it was first used in Neal Stephenson’s “Snow Crash”, the word has come to represent a virtual space full of unique characters, surreal worlds and above all else, freedom.

The first iterations of the metaverse are now starting to emerge across platforms such as CryptoVoxels, Webaverse and Sandbox (just to name a few), and although all have made strides in their own right, it’s clear that we’re still just getting started. Additionally, as these platforms continue to grow and evolve, all of them will need organized communities of builders coming in to help not only construct the virtual worlds themselves, but also to build out the unique culture that will go on to define and fill them.


When you look around the crypto space and see all the amazing teams building for an open metaverse, it may quickly become apparent that one thing is missing. Because while each of these teams is working on incredible, amazingly creative things, very few of them are doing it together, out in the open.

With NEON BUIDL, we aim to change that by uniting architects, 3D creators, and metaverse builders of all kinds, in an effort to:

  • Support development of decentralized spaces
  • Empower a diverse network of individual builders
  • Collaborate with and onboard major brands
  • Foster interoperability and collective sharing of tools, assets, etc.
  • Educate all types of web3 creators interested in building the open metaverse

All in all, Neon BUIDL will be an ongoing experiment, where builders on all platforms can come together to not only collaborate on projects (and eventually commissions), but also to learn and share new skills with like-minded creators.

Getting Started: The First NEON BUIDL-athon

To plant our flag in the space and bring all this together, we’re hosting the first in a series of Buildathons, starting on Thursday, July 28th (with more details to be announced next week, via the guild’s official Twitter).

The focus of this first Buildathon will be to rally different types of builders together to show what we’re capable of, and to collaboratively build out a new “Dark Mode” space within the Metaverse (a feature that’s seen everywhere online, but somehow not yet in 3D spaces). This “Dark Mode” theme will come to life for the first time with the use of OpenBrush (a derivative built on Tilt Brush), which allows users to freely paint in virtual reality. In order to make the Buildathon, Open Brush and all of this world-building more accessible, Neon BUIDL will also be holding regular instructional sessions, with topics ranging from how to get started in 3D to generative architecture.

Three weeks after the start of the Buildathon, we’ll wrap the official competition, allowing our designated judges to review all “Dark Mode'' builds and pick three different winners to receive a series of ETH prizes. However, after the three-week competition period concludes, the Buildathon space will remain open and as is, so that all types of builders can continue experimenting together in a shared, interoperable space.

 (“DAO Town” by Perchy)
(“DAO Town” by Perchy)

Ultimately, NEON BUIDL hopes to bring together a range of different metaverse-focused communities, to form a new type of “DAO Town” (as pictured above), where all kinds of distinct visions can come together, in order to form something truly original, welcoming and above all else, owned by the community.

Interested?  Join us!

It may sound corny, but we’re stronger together, and if the end game really is to build something that can in turn be built on for years to come, we need to be coordinating widely, instead of working in individual silos. With that being said, if you’re an open metaverse builder or 3D creator interested in joining us in any capacity and/or learning more, please swing by our Discord, and say what’s up!

Lastly, feel free to reach out anytime to or @neon_buidl on Twitter with all questions.

P.S. - Here’s a link to more work from the amazing artist, Perchy, who created the awesome “DAO Town” NFT referenced above.

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