The G Fund Investment Framework
The G Fund
May 28th, 2022

I’m starting a new venture - the G Fund.

Who am I?

I’m Tanyo, a crypto content writer who has been trading in two bull markets - 2017 and 2021.

Surprise, surprise, I lost money - didn’t buy or sell at the right time. I have picked a few winners, though (by accident.)

With the G Fund, I intend to be a lot more thoughtful and rational this time.

I’ll invest my own money in 10 early-stage crypto projects (tokens and NFTs) over the next year and a half and document my journey here on Mirror.

“Why only 10? Crypto is full of opportunities!”

I intend to invest 4 figure sums in each project, so diversification would actually hurt me.

“Concentrate to get rich, diversify to stay rich,” right?

I rather invest a lot in 10 projects I’m convinced will succeed than invest in 100-1000 projects I kinda like but don’t really understand.

A few disclosures before we start:

  • I’m not an investment/financial advisor. I write these pieces for myself to improve my thinking.
  • The investments are highly risky, so I’d discourage you from blindly apeing into my investments. I’m going for the moonshots here - investments that would at least 100x within the next few years, so the odds are I’ll lose money.
  • I’m an idiot, so keep this in mind.

Here’s my six-step investing process which was inspired by people like Naval and Kyle Samani:

  1. Find a promising project via my Neo Tokyo Season Two NFT or my Magic Ticket from Magic Eden.
  2. Understand the different dimensions and design decisions the project is making. What are they optimizing for? What are they sacrificing? There are always trade-offs.
  3. What’s the high-level thesis about space? What do you think is true? How would the whole market play out? What do I believe will happen and at what probability?
  4. What’s the team behind the project? Would they be able to execute their vision and take advantage of the opportunity?
  5. What’s the quality of the product? Does it have a lot of users? Is it growing like crazy?
  6. Once I've found a project I like, allocate as much capital as possible. It’s fine to lose money. I need one big winner to cover everything.

Let’s start investing!

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