Settlers of Canto Retrospective

We’d like to thank everyone for participating in our testnet this weekend. We originally expected to get <100 users, but ended up with far greater participation. We wanted to recap some of the highlights from this experience. Our thoughts below:


  • 26,000 unique settlers
  • 34,000 unique visitors to the testnet site
  • 43,000 transactions across the Canto DEX and Canto Lending Market

Settlers Feedback:

The reception we received allowed us to test how Canto’s nodes and primitives responded to a large volume of users. Additionally, thousands of settlers gave feedback through surveys, DMs, and messages in the Settlers telegram, allowing us to find issues in the UI/UX and rapidly iterate the protocols.

For example, one settler gave the following feedback:

  1. Issue adding liquidity in the DEX LP page - i was adding CANTO + ETH - by default, CANTO was on the left side + ETH was on the right - i chose max ETH, and CANTO amount auto-populated as expected - but when i clicked "add liquidity," some kind of JSON error message came up on the webpage; MetaMask was never triggered - so i switched the order of the assets; i.e., i made it so ETH was on the left and CANTO was on the right - all worked fine after doing that.
  2. Issue supplying CANTOETHLP tokens on the lending page - when i got to the step of generating a tx to supply my LP tokens, I clicked "max," and the total amount of LP tokens auto-populated - but then when i clicked the button to supply, the word "canceled" came up somewhere on the screen, and MetaMask wouldn't trigger - i tried again, and this time, i lopped off a bunch of decimal places at the end of the LP token amount - don't recall how many decimal places, but i think I left only 6 - after doing that, everything was fine + i was able to supply.

Other settlers gave feedback such as:

  • a non-sticky cursor when entering values in modals
  • hypothetical borrow limits not changing when supplying to a non-collateralized asset
  • mobile UI/UX improvements
  • resizing issues with the webpage on certain browsers

Using these insights, we were able to update our front ends to allow for more seamless interactions between users and Canto’s primitives.

Overall Reception:

Universal accessibility and ease of use are core values of Canto’s primitives. We were happy to see that many settlers experienced this during the Settlers of Canto testnet. One settler commented:

“It looks like a simple application united under one window. away from the complex structure of crypto is beautiful.”

Another said:

“I really like the way NOTE works. I also see very interesting the possibility of being able to add collateral LP tokens.”

Settlers of Canto allowed us to thoroughly test our platform with thousands of real users. We were able to engage with our community and introduce Canto’s primitives in an interactive manner.

Will testnet contributors join the genesis block?

Be sure to follow and turn on notifications for @CantoPublic.

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