Second Superlaunch on S1 - Kim Exchange

After the successful first launch, we are more than happy to announce that we continue the launch schedule with another banging project - Kim Exchange. Kim Exchange positions itself as the liquidity hub of the Optimism Superchain with one mission: to become the most rewarding place for you to park your DeFi assets.

What is Superchain?

Superchain is a network of interconnected chains on the OP Stack, sharing key features like bridging, decentralized governance, and communication layers. Superchain will merge OP Mainnet and other chains into a unified network of OP Chains, advancing scalable and decentralized computing globally. This article outlines our vision for scalability, introduces the Superchain concept, and discusses necessary adaptations to the OP Stack.

What is Mode?

Mode is an Ethereum L2 built on the OP stack. Mode is built for hyper-growth, utilizing multiple growth tactics, such as a referral program for growing the network and Sequencer Fee Sharing to reward developers building highly used applications. Mode is one of the fastest-growing L2s on Ethereum with the biggest ETH restaking ecosystem.

What is Kim Exchange?

Kim Exchange is a highly efficient and modular protocol, allowing both builders and users to leverage our custom infrastructure for deep, sustainable, and adaptable liquidity. Kim moves beyond the traditional design of DEXs to focus on composability and leveraging Mode’s unique design for building an onchain cooperative.

Modular infrastructure

Kim Exchange improves liquidity and trading fees across all OP Superchains using concentrated liquidity pools with plugins (hooks). Plugins allow for a flexible architecture for Kim to expand functionality based on certain trading events. For example with plugins, pools can be further incentivized with custom farming pools, allow for flexible adaptive fees, and time weighted average price oracles.

Incentivized pools and xKim plugins

Pools are incentivized using Angle Merkl where staked $KIM tokens are emitted as farming emissions to incentivize market makers and LPs. xKim plugins are plugins on the protocol where staked kim escrow tokens can be allocated to get access to custom functionality like dividends, yield booster, and other plugins.

Future plans

Kim Exchange plans to deploy to Base, Optimism, and once Eigen DA is unlocked allow for custom intents-based trading across OP Superchain networks for greater flexibility and access to liquidity and trades.

How to get whitelisted?

All users need to express interest on  to be considered for the whitelist.

Wallets that are on the Mode points leaderboard and on the Kim points leaderboard are prioritized. Users can participate in social giveaways and quests hosted on S1 and Kim social channels, including X and Discord, to win whitelist spots.

Step-by-step on how to express interest for Kim's sale:

  1. Go to

  2. Scroll down to Kim Exchange offering

  3. Click on “Express Interest”

  4. Connect your wallet and provide your email address.

Express Interest
Express Interest

If you are successfully whitelisted for the sale, you will receive a KYC email from Synaps. You need to pass the KYC to participate in the sale.

Superlaunch Breakdown:

Raise on S1: 300,000$
Purchasable tickets: 600
Ticket size: 500$
Purchase method: FCFS

Stay tuned for more updates regarding the Kim Exchange token sale on S1. Follow our social media to receive updates about the process:





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