Step One
December 14th, 2021

We're all part of this eternal play. We have emerged from the vast unchanging principle that lies at the root of the universe. We are on a journey to merge with the source from which we have emerged. In the process, we're untangling ourselves from falsehood so we may come closer to the truth.

We have two tools to guide us in our quest: language and math. These tools are powerful but precarious. They can be used to tell convincing lies. To use them in the proper manner, we're required to approach them with honesty and integrity.

It's hard enough to be honest in the external world, but it's even harder to be honest with ourselves. Therefore, it's important to surround ourselves with beings who radiate honesty. Even with the right people around us, there's no telling in what shape or form dishonest may sneak up on us. To fortify our fortress, we must begin by going inwards, on a journey towards knowing ourselves. This is the path of meditation.

The journey is not easy. There are forces within us that will do everything to ensure that we remain stuck. Time and again, these forces will prevail. But if we keep returning and remain defiant in our attempts, we might just overcome their onslaught. It is at this point the real work begins.

Now, we focus our attention on a single point between our eyes. We slow down our breathing and the familiar fade away. When we find ourselves straying from this state, we gently bring ourselves back. With time, our ability to hold our attention grows. We're able to come face to face with what’s real. This is when we dive deep into language and math so we may become intimate with the truth.

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