Emotions, Relationships, and the Future

If relationship is the goal, and it is unattained, and it breeds remorse, do one still aim for relationships? The Stoics suggests we detach from our emotions, to be in control, not be controlled by them. If we choose not to be hurt, we won’t be hurt. Appreciate a friend who greets you today; appreciate life if not. If we can only control our self, how do we meet others, when others passively wait for others to greet them? We can only be active.

Someone told me: “Video calls are tiring. Voice calls are tiring. Face to face are tiring. Let’s keep it to text.” It seems to me, the “pressing pressure” from real time communications is soothe when one can choose to reply later. If one remembers correctly, our voice transfers our emotions more than our body language (visuals) and the words we speak (text), from an article by Kat Vellos. If not for the emotions, why not chat with ChatGPT?

Is it true, that one can make friends at work, bring friends at work to outside work, and not just colleagues come and go? One don’t have an answer, do you? Share them here!

On the Heritage of Emotions

Histories, crafts, skills, knowledge, ideas, writing enables heritage of information generations after generations. Yet, how do we pass emotions several centuries down? Schools don’t teach us how to make friends. Books probably does, but contents are mostly limited by their situations, if not concerning emotions.

How do we teach someone how to feel in situations? We could tell them what to do, and if they remember and not emotionally hijacked, they probably try. It couldn’t get any worse, could it? Anxiety strikes when a tribe expulse one to stay with the darkness, the lions, the hunger, and the thirst. “Get back, get back to your tribe!” So we ask Mother Nature, “how?” She leave that to us.

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