1st Web3 Retreat in Slovenia

Last weekend we organized the first Web3 retreat in Slovenia in a unique place, hidden from the everyday hustle and bustle and with plenty of space to talk freely about our Web3 projects and important life topics. The retreat left us with new knowledge, ideas, partnerships and most importantly deeper connections between us.

If you do not want to read further and are just interested in attending one of the retreats we host or helping us host one, contact me at rudimedved1@gmail.com or join our (newly opened) Discord -

A Chance to Design Meaningful Experiences

Our society has undergone a tremendous change in the social and cultural environment in the last two years. Web3 technology is affecting every industry in the world, including the travel industry. All these people in the Web3 field, including us, travel. We see the need to serve these new types of travelers in a new way and provide them with new experiences, i.e. activities that give us a sense of place, and easier connections between like-minded people.

We started with the idea of organizing events, i.e. retreats, that would allow us to bring Web3 people together in unique places around the world and provide them with meaningful experiences and real H2H (human to human) relationships. Since most people from the Web3 sector work remotely and are spread all over the world, we believe that no real breakthroughs can be made without a real connection. Therefore, we will focus on experiences that connect different Web3 travelers and strengthen the sense of belonging that we all strive for. For this reason, we have decided to organize the 1st Web3 Retreat in Slovenia in a unique location.

Our hideaway
Our hideaway

This was such a fun, nice, and constructive weekend in the spirit of Web3. I got so much out of this in terms of community, knowledge and project collaboration. — Anuša, NEAR Balkans Ambassador

The 1st Slovenian Web3 Retreat

We organized the retreat in the center of Slovenia, near the mountains, in a unique, secluded place where there is no one in sight. Nature, peace and quiet (and two cats always ready for a cuddle) were our constant companions. The first participants arrived on Thursday afternoon, with the rest joining us on Friday. Then things really got going. The participants consisted of Web3 founders, developers and members of the Slovenian NFT community.

Most of our joint activities took place on Saturday. Each of us presented the projects we were working on, then others pitched in, asked questions, discussed with each other and tried to solve the problems we were facing.

First, Anuša presented the NEAR protocol, which she recently joined as a local ambassador for NEAR Balkans! After her, Jaka presented our idea of a decentralized service for Web3 travelers and how we can create better experiences with this technology. Then Jure presented his project Charify.art, which aims to disrupt charity with Web3 (serious alpha here!). At the retreat, we also had Uroš and Kristjan from Qvrse.io, which is a platform for project development using the benefits of blockchain technology.

Jaka pitching Web3 Travelers
Jaka pitching Web3 Travelers
Anuša presenting Near protocol
Anuša presenting Near protocol

Although the formal part was great and inspiring, the most valuable things came from the informal conversations between us, in the group or individually. While we were brainstorming and philosophizing about new ideas for design and implementation, Kristjan, the only developer among us, simply said, “I can build this”! Now we see how important it is to have developers around! ;)

Great event, very nice location. Time for discussions with like-minded people from the Web3 world. Great project presentations and socialising. — Kristjan, Web3 Developer at Qvrse.io

Although we knew each other from before, this was a special event that made us bond even more. You get to know each other better, for example, we now know that Jure is really good at making pancakes and Kaja knows a lot about herbs and vegetables that we did not even know how to eat! We connected in a special way and strengthened the Slovenian Web3 community. For the occasion, we also minted a POAP that will serve as a digital souvenir and a good start for building our community of Web3 travelers.

Our digital souvenir on the blockchain
Our digital souvenir on the blockchain
Looking to the future
Looking to the future

Such encounters are priceless and usually give you much more than you expect. Because of these benefits, we will strive to organize more similar meaningful experiences for Web3 travelers.

This retreat and location in Slovenia are just the beginning. Alpha: we are already planning similar retreats and experiences for Web3 founders and operators on a hidden, little-known Greek island this year! Drop us a line if you’re interested.

Preparing for a new phenomenon

Even before there was any talk of Web3, we launched a social startup in Slovenia — a marketplace for hidden, local experiences with our team at FromZero, which we recently merged with Fairbnb.coop, a cooperative working to build community-powered tourism. Although we are still active in Web2 in different ways, we are already preparing for a new phenomenon — building a decentralized travel ecosystem.

We have a passion for designing better work and leisure experiences, so we have started thinking about how to make them happen using Web3 technology. Last year, we dove into the Web3 rabbit hole, lurked around on Discord and became members of DAOs ourselves. In the process, we realized how this technology and the concept of decentralization could change the travel and leisure industry. Now it’s time to build!

You can contact me at rudimedved1@gmail.com for inquiries about new Web3 retreats or if you’re just curious about our activities.

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