Introducing rETH: A New Liquid Staking Token Joins Raft

We are thrilled to announce the integration of a new liquid staking token (LSD), rETH, into Raft. 

This addition aligns with our commitment to offer our users a growing range of liquid staking assets. rETH, by Rocket Pool, represents staked ETH and brings unique features to the table.

Rocket Pool and rETH

Rocket Pool is a decentralized ETH staking solution that aims to make ETH staking more accessible and efficient. 

Through its innovative platform, Rocket Pool allows users to earn rewards on their ETH without the need to run a full node. 

rETH (Rocket Pool's staked ETH) represents a tokenized share of staked ETH within the Rocket Pool network. It's a liquid staking token that can be traded, used as collateral, or employed in other DeFi applications.

In a recent Twitter poll, our community voted rETH as their top collateral to add to Raft.

Why are we Adding rETH to Raft?

After formally checking with our community in a governance discussion, the team started working to add rETH with the goal of diversifying Raft’s collateral base, reducing the risks of having a concentration of a single type of collateral, until now stETH from Lido. 

rETH presents a robust market with significant value, making it a viable candidate for collateral. 

Initially, it will have conservative parameters, including higher borrowing and redemption fees, due to its currently lower liquidity compared to stETH. 

However, these parameters can be adjusted as rETH's market presence strengthens. 

The integration of rETH into Raft is designed to benefit users, and community feedback is invited to ensure optimal incorporation within our ecosystem.

rETH Meets Raft: A Powerful Combination

The integration of rETH into the Raft protocol opens up new avenues for capital efficiency and financial freedom. 

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Diverse Collateral Options: With the inclusion of rETH, users can now choose between different liquid staking tokens, including stETH and rETH, as collateral.

  • Enhanced Capital Efficiency: Borrow against your rETH holdings efficiently and pay zero fees on your borrowed R stablecoin, while still earning staking rewards.

  • Robust Decentralization: The addition of rETH strengthens the decentralized nature of Raft and further supports the ecosystem.

One thing to note is that users can only generate R with either stETH or rETH in one position. You can deposit rETH and start generating R in our app. Here’s a step-by-step guide about how to stake ETH using Rocket Pool to get rETH.

User Security in a Multi-Collateral Protocol

rETH and stETH operate independently through separate smart contracts with distinct parameters. The common ground facilitating their interplay is the R stablecoin.

When redeeming R, users are required to choose the pool from which they intend to redeem either rETH or stETH. 

This process ensures a secure and streamlined integration of these assets within the Raft ecosystem, without direct interaction between rETH and stETH or wstETH.

We’ve taken action to audit the new smart contracts to enhance security. Shoutout to @agfviggiano and @0xcuriousapple for their work on our code.

You can follow them on GitHub here and here

For an in-depth understanding of the security measures in place and the mechanics of the interplay between rETH and stETH, please refer to our documentation

Wrap Up

Integrating rETH into Raft is a significant milestone, and we're excited about the possibilities this brings to our community. 

We continue to work towards providing you with the best tools and assets for achieving financial freedom in a decentralized manner.

Stay tuned for more updates and happy staking!

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