Rakija, Talks, and Winning the Hackathon at ETH Belgrade

ETH Belgrade is where the magic happens for anyone crazy about Ethereum and blockchain like we are. It's a web3 tech conference with a hakcathon, where builders and enthusiasts come together to create awesome dApps, share the coolest ideas - and put them into practice. With hands-on workshops, inspiring talks from industry pros, and tons of networking opportunities, ETH Belgrade is all about community and innovation.

So, why Belgrade? The event's manifesto talks about the idea that the city is more than just a place; it's a way of life and a way of thinking - and we couldn't agree more. Belgrade is quickly becoming a tech hotspot in Europe, packed with talented builders and many web3 companies.

Serbia's got this youthful, energetic vibe that fits perfectly with the forward-thinking spirit of the Ethereum community. After some rough times in the 90s, the government went all-in on tech, building infrastructure and supporting STEM education. This, combined with a strong talent pool, attracted major international companies to set up R&D centers. Hosting ETH Belgrade here not only puts Serbia on the global blockchain map but also brings together diverse people to share different knowledge and ideas.

We were super excited to be part of ETH Belgrade for the second year! So we wanted to share our experiences and insights from the awesome days we had surrounded by beautiful sights, rakija, and really cool people.

Talking about DeFi and Reputation

Dani participated in a DeFi panel with big names like James from SuperChain, TokenBrice, and Mariia from CowSwap. Nicky from Telos moderated the chat where they dissected the future of DeFi and what's holding back mass adoption. It was a really interesting talk about the complexities and controversies shaping DeFi.

We also had an amazing talk on reputation delivered by Dani. She spilled the tea on how hard it is to track these characteristics on-chain and gave a sneak peek at our upcoming product, Trustful - a reputation aggregator that's gonna make the Web3 space way more trustworthy!

ENS and Chainlink fans gathered for an event co-hosted by Namespace and Blockful. The focus? How these two projects work together, thanks to EIP 3668. Alex is a top 10 ENS delegate, and he discussed the proposal's significance for both platforms. The ultimate goal is bringing a significant number of users (think billions!) on-chain. Alex and Dani are both Chainlink Advocates, so they can organize these kinds of events on behalf of Chainlink.

Check out how cool the event was:

Alex also participated on a panel at DeSci Belgrade discussing network state, technological advancements, and the Zuzalu community. He shared his experiences as a Zuzalian, and it was a great chance for him to meet other folks who are keeping the community alive and developing it further.

Last but not least: We won the Hackathon!

Dani and Alex did awesome at the TON hackathon, and snagged the top prize – $7,000! They teamed up with Mourad, a really nice and talented developer from Morocco, to build DAOgram. The tool gets rid of juggling all those different apps for DAO governance, making things much smoother.

A Shoutout to the Organizers

A huge thanks to the organizers of ETH Belgrade. You guys are amazing! Not only did you put together such incredible gatherings, but you also gave us Rakija, a traditional Serbian drink. It's local, it's cool, and we love it!

That's it for now! Let's keep pushing the limits in the blockchain space. Cheers!

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