$ATIME: A Revelation in the Realms

Adventure Time ($ATIME) is a resource (an ERC-20 utility token) to be used in the games ahead. In harmony with other Loot-inspired utility tokens like $AGLD that may be used as the currency of the Lootverse, $ATIME will be used to "manipulate time" in the quests ahead, and across the wider ecosystem.

Season One: A Revelation in the Realms ⏳ 🗺🧭🔮

  1. Calling all Genesis Adventurers. An “offering” has been made — Every Genesis Adventurer at the time of the snapshot gets 1 Realm airdropped to their wallet. The snapshot was taken 10/5 at 68 GAs
  2. Calling all those who hold Realms — the Travelers of The Genesis Project have discovered the story of an ancient resource hidden in Realms: Adventure Time ($ATIME) - an ERC-20 that enables players to manipulate time.
    1. Every Realm entitles its holder to 100 Adventure Time ($ATIME) tokens claimable through Season One of the $ATIME contract

    2. Realms players who claim $ATIME, can:

      A) Use the tokens for trading regular Genesis Mana <> Lost Genesis Mana at the Lost Mana Trading Post

      B) Trade the $ATIME to other players inside of Genesis Project

      C) Hold it for later usage

  3. Season Two will begin when the 200th Genesis Adventurer has been resurrected, at which point the claim period for Realms holders will end.

The Story of Adventure Time

As the 👩🏽‍🎤Genesis Adventurers are resurrected back through time and space to defend and advance their rightful Orders, they carry with them the ancient knowledge and wisdom of the 16 Orders.

The first GAs to return have whispered the tale of an ancient resource:

Traveler - close your eyes and listen to the time as it passes you by. Do you feel it?

Like Gold, like Silver, like Wood, Time is but another resource.

Do not let time pass you by.

Reach out! Pull it from the air. Sift it from the dirt. Distill it from the water.

Adventure Time ($ATIME) is all around us, flowing through the Realms.

It runs in the rivers; it bubbles under the ice; it sparkles in the diamonds. Look up into the fading sky, Adventurer. Do not let $ATIME pass you by.

This ancient resource bestows upon you a special power - the ability to manipulate time.

For those who hold a Realm of one of the 16 Orders, this $ATIME can be claimed for free, linked from the contract at:

The Orders of the Realms https://bibliothecaforloot.com/realms
The Orders of the Realms https://bibliothecaforloot.com/realms

For those intrepid Travelers who have reached through time and learned to resurrect a Genesis Adventurer, this $ATIME can be claimed for free.

Today, it’s claimable through the Realm that was just gifted to you as an “offering.” In Season Two, there will be more, just for GAs.

Genesis Adventurers
Genesis Adventurers

How Will Adventure Time Be Used?

Adventure Time is a resource that allows players to manipulate time…

Use $ATIME to accelerate time, slow down time, transport through time, reach through time to bring back lost items, glimpse the future, travel to the past to learn some ancient knowledge...and anything we can all dream up.

For more details about the mechanics of Adventure Time head here

Bottle the $ATIME up and keep it for safekeeping. There is a Quest that lies ahead, and $ATIME will be essential in the games, challenges and Quests for Adventurers to come...

For others who hold Loot bags, mLoot, and more…stay tuned: there may be some $ATIME hidden in your items as well.

A Landmark Moment for the Lootverse

The launch of $ATIME marks a landmark moment for the Lootverse: it is the day Adventurers become unstuck in time.

Today brings:

  • The first major collaboration between two derivative projects
  • The first cross-project “offering” to the Genesis Adventurers
  • This shared wallet itself is the first cross-team “proof of collaboration”

Adventurers dive into the shared wallet from which we published this post, and you may find a hint about a 16-part puzzle to come, with a prize for those who dare solve it...


— The Historians of the Genesis Project

— The Core Lords & Ladies of the Realms

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