NFT shop launch

Very pleased to announce my brand new NFT shop. From now on followers and architectural photography enthusiasts will be able to buy, hold and even sell a selection of my #kvd_works as unique NFTs. These are all 1/1 editions, not interchangeable or replaceable.

Many thanks to for realizing this fine project, the fine collaboration and technical and creative development.

The first selection is The Golf Club project, Mies 1:1.

Golf Club Project . Mies 1:1 (Krefeld)
Golf Club Project . Mies 1:1 (Krefeld)

More than 83 ago the great depression stopped the construction of a competition-winning design by Mies van der Rohe. The structure was intended to provide a clubhouse for the Krefeld golf club and sited in a private landing strip on the outskirts of the former industrial town. Under the direction of Belgian architect Paul Robbrecht the building has been realized in 2013. While the project was absolutely faithful to the original plans and site, the approach is that of both an architectural model and 1/1 scale model.

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