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We couldn’t be more excited to start 2023 by revealing our debut Crypto-Novel: The Oracle’s Verse.

This collection of multimedia Write-2-Earn NFTs will be launched for auction next month and you can now explore them on our website here!

These Crypto-Novel collections will serve as the cornerstones of our project and our community - allowing creators to collaborate in exchange for royalties and ownership in the project at large.

Buyers of these NFTs will be granted:

  • Permission to add to the novel’s storyline

  • Our native $QEV tokens

  • A place in the global royalty pool

  • DAO membership, private channels for novel contributors

A crypto-novel chapter
A crypto-novel chapter

Once they go on sale next month, buyers will be able to contribute by heading over to our website and selecting their newly acquired chapter. Inside is the artwork, music and Spark Verse (opening paragraph) to the chapter, as seen in the image above.

By connecting with Metamask, the buyer confirms rightful ownership of the asset and is granted access to continue the story in the contribution text box!

Follow us on Twitter and in our Discord for updates on when The Oracle’s Verse hits shelves.


Introducing the artists who created The Oracle’s Verse:

Playwright and author Maryanna Clarke
Playwright and author Maryanna Clarke

Spark Verses by Maryanna Clarke.

Playwright, actress, writer, festival co-founder and theatre-maker Maryanna Clarke is no stranger to scene setting. Her playwright debut ‘Six Serpents and a Tarantula’ picked up five-star reviews and a Standing Ovation nomination. She’s also the co-founder of queer and female-led theatre company Old School Players.

Maryanna immediately understood the disruptive nature of our crypto-novel model and how important her words would be to the stories’ fates - but she made light work of the challenge.

Of the three art forms that combine to create The Oracle’s Verse, Maryanna’s words supply the most explicit information, and she executes this with class and charm. The verses flow right off the tongue and offer just enough detail to set the scenes without imposing too much on the next writer.

TQOE co-founder Bob Juburi
TQOE co-founder Bob Juburi

Music by Bob Juburi.

When the inception of The Oracle’s Verse came to be in early 2022, it was only natural that our co-founder Bob Juburi would compose the score. He’s long been a regular on Spotify editorial jazz and electronica playlists, garnering millions of steams and being named in the top 5 ‘Hottest Independent Artists of 2020’ by Music Business Worldwide.

He’s since gone on to produce and co-write music for multi-genre artists at Basto Records, the brain-child of Bob and our lead founder Andrew.

For his work on The Oracle’s Verse, Bob introduces blends of hip-hop, electronic synthesis and instrumentation for a varied collection of tracks that all serve to disclose a bit more about each story’s character and their environment.

Designer and visual artist 'Ganee'
Designer and visual artist 'Ganee'

Illustrations by Faizal ‘Ganee’.

Faizal Aguázala began as a designer in 2015 while living in Jepara, Indonesia, also known to some as the ‘City of Carving’. Naturally, his first foray into the space was as a furniture carver, taking inspiration from baroque, rococo and renaissance era aesthetics.

Driven by the goal of cementing Jepara on the international design scene, Faizal began to develop his own unique style: ‘vintage ornamental’, which he continues to apply to more modern design and art projects today, including the visuals for The Oracle’s Verse.

This design choice brings something tangibly dated to the novel’s feel, causing a desired tension with the music’s modernity. Faizal gives the NFTs their ‘collectable’ feel without reducing the characters to insentient carvings.


It’s been a full year since we began conceptualising and building the Quest of Evolution and we’ve come remarkably far in that time. We’re now a core team of five with a larger family of Architects, advisors, investors, community members, mods and friends that continue to orbit and support the project as we move forward into the next phase.

In November we completed the ‘Design’ phase of our road map, which included: writing the business plan and white paper, building the smart contracts, designing the tokenomics model, launching our social channels, bringing Architects on board, designing and launching our website, and beginning to design our first batch of novels.

We now find ourselves nearing 90% completion of our ‘Funding’ phase, which includes testing and deploying the smart contracts, minting our $QEV tokens, locking up the remainder of our investments and transitioning into ‘Launch’ next month. Most importantly, we are now fully operational!

We look forward to sharing the next 12 months with all of you.

If you want to stay updated on everything Quest of Evolution, or just want to gain an Early Member role and a potential token airdrop, join us in the Discord!

by Bob Juburi - Head of Content & Partnerships @ The Quest of Evolution

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