Newsletter - March 23

As we approach the end of a highly eventful quarter, our updates are becoming increasingly difficult to contain within the contraints of our Discord Town Halls. This gives these newsletters an added lease of life, and as usual - here is everything we’ve been up to in the last 4 weeks.

END OF Q1 2023

$QEV tokens

Our native tokens are now in circulation! Users that made it to our write-list channel by completing all the Quests in our Discord have been airdropped 30 $QEV, while other members are beginning to be rewarded for their contributions towards the engagement and growth of our community.

Can Uzun - Full Stack Designer at TQOE
Can Uzun - Full Stack Designer at TQOE

New Starters

We’ve made a continued effort throughout the beginning of this year to build our team strategically. Maximising output in a fully distributed team means that we have targeted people who are creative, self-motivated and experienced in performing at a high level remotely, and our new Full Stack Designer Can Uzun fits that category perfectly!

Not only does he bring startup experience, but also a creative eye and excellent technical abilities. We couldn’t be more excited to have him join the team and help us culture our brand image moving forward.

Platform testing

Our product team are now approaching the final stages of testing our platform in anticipation of launch this month.

The team has been taking part in the successful purchasing of crypto-novel NFTs and contributing to them on the testnet, and so far we’ve experienced no set-backs.

Delay was slightly delayed this quarter as we decided to go multi-chain. Implementing and testing the bridges necessary to link our claim lock $QEV token contract with other blockchains was a challenge that required time, but has now been complete and Hyperlane was settled on as our tool of choice.

New demo video


Edward Carpenter
Edward Carpenter

Edward Carpenter

When renowned web3 author, photographer and artist Edward Carpenter agrees to make space in his extremely busy schedule to write the Spark Verses for a crypto-novel, you know that your project is resonating with the web3 literary community.

After growing frustrated with traditional publishing structures, Edward has successfully launched a career releasing books on web3 platforms such as Readl and others, on a variety of chains, and it’s for this reason that he’ll be gracing the stage at NFT.NYC as a speaker this year.

Edward has created a 4-piece crypto-novel titled ‘Foretellings’, which will follow a character that awakens in various times and places across human existence. Each NFT will contain a short story about their journey.

Pantera Blue
Pantera Blue

Pantera Blue

Madrid-based Pantera Blue has chartered a remarkable journey: trained as a classical pianist since childhood, she began her professional career traveling the world, performing on the biggest stages. However, 4 years ago, Louiza Manoukovskaia transformed herself into Pantera Blue - a modern, pop-infused musical phenomenon whose singles have garnered millions of streams, and her social media following burgeoning to over 170k thanks to her charming shorts, blending classical music with contemporary pop tracks.

Pantera has agreed to score the 10-part, yet-untitled paranormal romance crypto-novel by web3 literature staple, Rionna Morgan.


Last week, we rolled out our Architect referral program, giving our members the opportunity to earn value by helping us find and sign creatives.

200 $QEV tokens will be awarded for every Architect that commits to scoring, designing or writing a crypto-novel in our pipeline.

To submit Architects for consideration, feel free to do so in our Discord.

INTERVIEW: Dan ‘Chimy’ Chmielinski

Daniel 'Chimy' Chmielinski
Daniel 'Chimy' Chmielinski

Chimy’s life-long love of music began at a very early age, starting on the bass at age 3. After studying both classical and jazz bass through high school, Chimy received his Master's degree in Jazz Studies from The Juilliard School in 2017, where he also earned his Bachelor's degree studying under the great Ron Carter.

Chimy’s love of all genres of music as well as his strong compositional skills allow him to create unique and beautiful landscapes on which the stories can shine, which is what made him such a perfect candidate to create 60 soundscapes for the crypto-novel, class of 2150.

We sat down with Chimy, real name Daniel Chmielinski, to discuss his work on the project.

• What were your biggest industry struggles as a musician?

The industry forces you to adapt constantly, so I’ve experienced lots of mini setbacks and adjustments in my career. I’m a firm believer in taking great leaps to follow your passions, but also setting yourself up to take advantage of the opportunities that come along. You don’t always get the gig or the project you want, but forcing yourself to keep your eyes and heart open, often those setbacks lead you to something else. Really, it’s about staying on top of what is required of you as an artist as the landscape around you changes and remaining persistent. This score is a great example. Five years ago, this type of platform didn’t even exist, and now I have the opportunity to help it come to life.

• How much web3 experience did you have prior to TQOE, if any?

Absolutely none, this is my first.

• It’s amazing that despite this you seemed to understand the project so quickly and connect with it. What was it about TQOE that attracted you?

The main reason I love scoring is that it's interactive. I love how this is a story that will finish with many fingerprints on it. I’m very passionate about analog synthesizers, so of course the aesthetic drew me in initially, but the concept has potential to really create a great collaborative work. I’m excited to be a part of it.

'Class of 2150'
'Class of 2150'

• I’m sure you’ll agree that composing this way, to imagery, is a unique experience. Describe composing the score for Class of 2150 from your perspective, and how did you find the process of composing such a large collection? Was it difficult to find so many ideas?

Once I got rolling, it was actually fairly quick. I used the concept description and character artwork as my main inspiration. I chose 10 analog synthesizers that I felt would be stylistically appropriate and then began to pair them based on the motifs in my mind. I created 3 variations on each theme, defined by either a change of key, synth sound or percussive element.

• What do you have in the pipeline that we can look forward to? Let us know what you've got going on!

Earlier this month, my analog synth band Circuit Kisser released our sophomore LP, “First Kiss.” We’re pretty excited about it, and if you like my compositions here, you’ll find similar elements in my compositions for the band. We have an album release show in NYC May 2nd at The Sultan Room and will be continuing to put out content on InstagramYouTube and TikTok.

If you want to stay updated on everything Quest of Evolution, or just want to gain an Early Member role and a potential token airdrop, join us in the Discord!

by Bob Juburi - Co-Founder, Head of Partnerships @ The Quest of Evolution

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