Newsletter - August 23


There’s more than just literature in common between The Quest of Evolution and t2. It’s a match made in heaven.

t2 have established themselves as one of the most innovate approaches towards shrinking the gap between writers and their audiences. They operate as an open, decentralised social network, and their aim is to dissolve the barriers separating authors from readers, while fostering specialised communities for different literary genres and topics.

Their platform is made up of ‘territories’: communities that function like decentralised forums dedicated to various forms of literature. They operate under a model of collective ownership involving readers, writers, and curators.

They also serve as a meeting point for myriad content-based communities to emerge and flourish, built on principles of content autonomy.

Both The Quest of Evolution and t2 are united by a relentless love for storytelling and the shared goal of nurturing a robust community, and we couldn’t resist the opportunity to do this together.

We see incredible possibilities when creative individuals collaborate, and our conversations have all revolved around how we can bring our two platforms, and audiences, together.

Our aligned mission: to elevate and empower both authors and readers.

QuestN allowed us to really come together with t2 by incentivising our common fans to share and contribute in a bid to earn USDC via their incredibly fun gamified community tool.

By coming together, we pooled our skills, assets, and connections to create a more abundant environment for fans of literature.

The Quest of Evolution has always been about creating bridges, fostering connections, and pioneering new ways of collaboration, and this might be our favourite example yet.

By being a community member of the TQOE project you can automatically get whitelisted and skip the queue to distribute your work with t2 platform and join the community on t/Questers territory. At the same time, writers on t/Questers will receive an exclusive opportunity to monetise their work on our platform.


By all measures, the t2 partnership has proven to be fruitful for our communities, and for literary collaboration.

We released a novel exclusively for our communities: ‘What I learned in my 20s/30s/40s’ , an autobiographical piece encouraging people to express their experiences, saw an incredible 17 contributions! It was kicked off by the incredible Eric Mack, journalist and founder of JournoDAO, and rolled on from there throughout the days following its launch.

This is by far the best received release in TQOE’s short history, and t2’s keen community proved to be the difference. Over 30 people joined our Discord community in the aftermath, and they’ve already been engaging, both in the chat and in our Town Hall’s, fortifying the idea that common passions are the key to flourishing communities.

The login page for Blockbook
The login page for Blockbook


Much like July, August has proven to be a month of head-down building. With capital markets in hibernation, and our fundraise parked, we’ve been using that time preparing the foundations for our biggest move as a company so far.

The redesign of the platform, rebranding, and the building of the new infrastructure is well under way, and a tentative launch date set for October.

This month has seen us:

  • Complete designs for the platform front end

  • Build the ‘fund’ structure into each Blockbook

  • Build the new royalty system

  • Build profile-creation

  • Build the new contribution system

    and more.

The intention is to build on our write-2-earn model to incorporate more community capabilities, and the opportunity for collaborators to gather funds to take their common work to the next level.

Feedback from our team, community and external stakeholders has been overwhelmingly positive, and the next few weeks will prove to be pivotal as we turn our heads towards Blockbook, and the future more broadly.

More information will be released very soon with regards to this rollout, including a demo video going over how the platform will work and how you can get involved.

Our platform landing page, designed by Sam Day
Our platform landing page, designed by Sam Day


We won an award!

Earlier this month, we received recognition from Awwwards Site of the Day for our Quest of Evolution platform design. We knew we always stood a chance, because we trusted the incredible work of artist Sam Day, who singlehandedly brought our brand to life with his work on all our visual assets, including the TQOE logo, website, branded content and more. In fact, this isn’t the first time he’s been recognised publicly for his incredible work! Thank you, Sam.

As is traditional in these newsletters: this month we released the next instalment of Epic Dylan’s essay collection, WorldView Ethics! ‘What are Enactive Agents?’ is the penultimate essay in a collection of six pieces that we’ve been releasing in the build-up to his longer-form book.

As with every release in this series, our wonderful head of marketing Alexandra hosted a Twitter space where Dylan got the opportunity to discuss some of the topics touched upon in this latest essay.

Keep an eye out for his final release with us on the 13th of September!

If you want to get involved in our community and contribute to a Crypto-Novel, join us in the Discord!

by Bob Juburi - Co-Founder @ The Quest of Evolution

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