Newsletter Nov 22


This month we were given our first opportunity to speak about the Quest of Evolution on a public platform!

InvArch, a layer 1 solution project for creator economy builders, recently invited our co-founder Bob to their Twitter Space Tinkertalks for a conversation focused around web3, the future of the creator economy, Intellectual Property rights and the alignment of our projects towards a common goal.

InvArch’s co-founder Dakota was highly welcoming and encouraging. They found a lot of common ground, not least in their past involvement in politics as well as their keen interest in the touch points between creators and the IP rights that they produce with their work.

Their blockchain solution provides multi-functional builder tools and a modular framework playground for web3 creatives to build the future with utmost flexibility, while being fully optimised for Intellectual Property (IP) rights creation.

You can check out the full conversation here:


We’ve also just released an updated promo video that runs through our project in substantial detail.

Our goal with this video was to educate people on not only the basic functionality of our Write 2 Earn model, but also our long term vision: to become a community of creators that produce and organise IP commodities, where our $QEV token is representative of a piece of the IP rights pie.

Shout out to @ninjapromoio for being extremely patient with our vision and helping us bring to life a promo that we’re proud of.


Joseph Nassise
Joseph Nassise

Joseph Nassise

Not only has New York Times and USA Today bestseller Joe Nassise established himself as a prolifically successful writer of action-packed fantasy epics - but he’s also got his eyes on the future of publishing and its potential democratisation thanks to web3.

Joe’s career spans over two decades, throughout which he’s released over 50 books, been nominated several times for both the Bram Stoker Award and the International Horror Guild Award, taught writing at Arizona State university, and served two terms as the president of the Horror Writers Association.

More relevantly however, Joe has his ears to the ground and is acutely aware of the publishing renaissance many people expect to take place in the blockchain-based internet of the future.

He works with multiple web3 projects to bridge the gap between the traditional publishing space and the blockchain creator economy through literary NFTs, community script-writing projects and now crypto-novels!

Joe has already written the Spark Verses for our upcoming crime action novel 'An Unexpected Withdrawal', which is set to be released following our debut, 'The Oracle's Verse’.


Lastly, we’ve recently launched our ambassador program to give people the opportunity to join the team and contribute to the growth and engagement of the community.

We’re looking for people who share our passion for art and understand our values and long term goals. Ideally you would also have an engaging online presence already!

If you believe you are a good fit for this role please fill out this form and one of our team members will be in touch!

If you want to stay updated on everything Quest of Evolution, or just want to gain an Early Member role and a potential token airdrop, join us in the Discord!

by Bob Juburi - Community & Artist Relations @ The Quest of Evolution

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