Newsletter - May 23

Welcome to our monthly newsletter! This month has been filled with challenges, but we’re happy to share that we’ve successfully overcome them. From launching the awaited second essay in the WorldView Ethics collection on Rarible, to selling out another Crypto-Novel, our community's support has been invaluable. We also bid farewell to our esteemed marketing lead and explored collaborations with insanely talented people.

But first… check out our new promo vid:


We are thrilled to announce that the second edition of the WorldView Ethics collection is finally available on Rarible! As some of you may recall, the collection faced a temporary setback when it was frozen by OpenSea for alleged violations of their terms of service. Despite our efforts to resolve the issue promptly, we decided to expedite the release of the essay by launching it on Rarible instead.

The asset represents the second essay in a series written by Epic Dylan. These essays delve into fascinating topics such as the philosophy of ethics, the role of AI, and in this latest edition, consciousness. The listing price is set at 500 $MATIC per essay, with no reserve price. If you’re interested in being among the few to contribute to this extraordinary work, simply visit our website, navigate to the Novels section, and click on 'View Collection' under WorldView Ethics.

"Trump Pays a Prostitute in Bitcoin"
"Trump Pays a Prostitute in Bitcoin"


The last few weeks has seen us diversify our releases by creating smaller novel collections that allow for easier and cheaper access for our community to contribute and create value. The Watering Hole, due for auction next week, will be a collection of collectible political satire cartoons, created by animation artist El Paco Puente. The concept behind these collections is to crystalise cultural moments in time, and allow contributions to focus on the discussion elements behind each image and it’s story.

The first in this collection is titled ‘Trump pays prostitute in Bitcoin’ (as seen above) and will followed up shortly with more light- hearted write-2-earn collectibles, including in the erotic genre.

Nicasio Torres is currently working on the ten physical pieces that will make up the artworks for The 13th Witch, our most highly anticipated novel Crypto-Novel, due to drop in the last week of June. After discussing ways to destroy the physical works and ensure the unique value of the digital pieces, Nicasio suggested a quite unique strategy: he will be filming the creation of his water-work paintings as they change and as the water spreads throughout the paper, ultimately destroying it. The piece will essentially be self-destructive, and the digital representation that will be used in the Crypto-Novel will be a snapshot of this destruction. Not only does this guarantee the one-of-one nature of the piece, but it also allows for a beautiful time-lapse video to be created as a documentation of the process in action.

"The Driver"
"The Driver"


We are delighted to announce that yet another collection of our Crypto-Novel series has completely sold out! The captivating characters from "An Unexpected Withdrawal," an action-packed crime novel, have all found new homes. The total sales volume for this collection reached an impressive 0.67 ETH. We’re still eagerly awaiting the first contributions to come in, so keep an eye on our Discord channel for that exciting Chainjet notification we've all been waiting for.


It is with mixed emotions that we share the news of our favourite marketing lead, Ricardo Castro, moving on from the Quest of Evolution. He has received an incredible offer elsewhere that he simply couldn't refuse. Ricardo's absence will be deeply felt, as his impact since joining our team has been nothing short of phenomenal. He brought an unparalleled passion and work ethic to his craft, and we are grateful that he’ll continue to be part of our community as a member, friend, and occasional town hall speaker. We wish him all the best in his new adventure!

If you want to get involved in our community and contribute to a Crypto-Novel, join us in the Discord!

by Bob Juburi - Co-Founder, Head of Partnerships @ The Quest of Evolution

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