Newsletter - April 23

Most months in this young project’s life have been action-packed, but April was impressively busy and noteworthy even by our standards. A sold out debut crypto-novel, new novel exhibits and a new joiner were all on the menu this month and as usual, we’re here to give you the rundown.


Perhaps the most important moment in the history of our company happened on the 17th April, which is that our debut crypto-novel, The Oracle’s Verse, finally minted on the Polygon network.

Within a few hours, early bids had started to creep in that would eventually prove to seal the deal for the first ever owners of a Quest of Evolution crypto-novel. The average sale price ended being around 0.1 ETH, with the total value of the collection coming to 0.64 ETH.

This tiny collection of just 6 character NFTs are now in their hands of their new owners, and a contribution has already been made to the Cradle of Corruption. The architecture has proven to work well and we’ve had a hugely positive response from our community so far on the functionality of the website, as well as the quality of the architect’s work.


Time waits for no one, and on Monday the 1st of May we minted and auctioned our second release, a non-fiction essay written by PageDAO founder, writer and thinker @epicdylan.eth.

This unique series of novels will include 6 essays, written by Dylan, on topics ranging from the philosophy of ethics to AI and web3. This first edition, Moral Philosophy & the AI Panic, discusses the open letter from tech founders arguing for a temporary pause in AI innovation, and the overlap between those conversations and a broader ethical structure.

The concept of the community contributing their thoughts to these novels will introduce completely new dynamics that fictional novels by nature do not, including cementing public conversations sparked by the essays. These ‘knowledge base hypergraph' collections, as Dylan likes to refer to them, aim to stimulate conversations on these topics in the build up to the release of a more extensive piece of work.


Our second fictional crypto-novel is complete and ready to hit auction on the 17th May.

A novel long in the making, the ensemble cast of Dutch musician and social media sensation Zep, NY bestselling fiction and action author Joseph Nassise and the highly succinct and emotional animations from Martin Cala, make this a stellar cast.

The action series covers a story of a group of convicts as they plan a crime, and the accompanying music is filled with the same grit that you get from Nassise's expertly built characters.

It’s a highly character-driven release, much like The Oracle’s Verse, and we expect people to respond in a similarly loyal fashion to the characters that they gravitate to.


Nicasio Torres

Nicasio Torres' work is regularly on display in Spain's bustling art exhibition scene. His eerily romantic, feminine pieces strike a sombre and sometimes uneasy tone, and they couldn't be a better fit for a romantic/paranormal genre novel, written by web3 literary giant Rionna Morgan and scored by classical pianist turned pop star Pantera Blue.

With this incredible Architect lineup in place for ‘The Witching Hour’ (temporary title), and an intriguing theme, we’re especially excited for how this will turn out, which we’ll find out in the next few weeks.

Isobel Mehta

Isobel is a young artist with a cv far beyond her years. Her childlike, line-based style is captivating and Adidas, Nubya Garcia and many others have seen to agree: she’s been commissioned by big brands and musicians to make everything from booklets to album covers for them, both for physical and digital print.

She’s been commissioned to work on the visuals for an upcoming erotic novel, a she has some experience with, given that sexuality is a theme often explored in her work. Her dream-like stills paint emotional scenes, which will bring a touch of class and artistry to these collections.


Over the past month, our community has flourished as we welcomed several iconic members of Write3 DAOs to our community calls, and since the announcement of Worldview Ethics, the interest in our platform has increased substantially. We have been thrilled to connect with and receive mentions from various DAOs and communities such as MetaGame, PageDAO, PubDAO, Criptoversal Books, Alexandria Labs, Vagabond Magazine, and several others, which has led to a significant increase in turnout at our weekly Town Halls (screen peep on the left).

During these Town Halls, we continue to provide updates to the community, and we also share a one-pager called The Questerian, which has become an essential tool for demonstrating our progress and incorporating more punctual conversations had during the Town Halls.

If you want to stay updated on everything Quest of Evolution, or just want to gain an Early Member role and a potential token airdrop, join us in the Discord!

by Bob Juburi - Co-Founder, Head of Partnerships @ The Quest of Evolution

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