Newsletter - Jan 23


Tavern Keeper Bot

We’ve introduced some major updates to our Discord that we hope will help familiarise new members with our project, whilst gamifying the process of assimilation into the community.

The first of these is Tavern Keeper, a bot that allows members to embark on ‘Quests’ - guided tours of the server via all of our most important informational assets: our website, our introduction video on YouTube, and our debut Crypto-Novel ‘The Oracle’s Verse’.

This new user onboarding journey helps ensure that everyone is equipped with the knowledge they need to become an active participant in our community. Moreover, the process is designed to encourage engagement and provide opportunities for members to connect with one another, whilst driving forward our shared vision.

The Tavern Keeper admin panel
The Tavern Keeper admin panel

Town Halls

Starting last week, all our town halls are now held publicly on Discord!

We’ve been looking forward to this for some time. As we approach the launch of our debut Crypto-Novel we wanted to fully lift the curtain on our operation, and to open the floor to our community and stakeholders.

We’ll be using these hour-long calls to update all of you on the latest from our finance, community, product and partnerships departments, as well as allowing people to interact with our core team.

Holding public town halls allows for greater transparency and accountability in our community decision-making process, and we anticipate increased engagement and more productive conversations as a result.

It’s very important to us that we close the gap between our core team and the community, and this is an important first step.

Our tokenomics model
Our tokenomics model

$QEV token minting

We’re thrilled to announce that the first $QEV tokens have now been minted and are available for distribution!

The token smart contract has been successfully deployed and 250,000 of our 10 million $QEV tokens have been sent to the ‘Join Incentives (Future Airdrops)’ wallet, for use towards community airdrops, partnership incentives and rewards.

We’ll soon be announcing more details regarding the airdrop, so join us in the Discord for the latest on that.

Mirror gated channel

We’ve also began introducing a private Discord channel for collectors of our content on Mirror! We’ll be releasing interviews with our artists, pieces on our upcoming novels, business updates, and our monthly newsletters.

Collectors granted access to the private channel will also have the opportunity to earn value by creating their own Mirror articles about the Quest of Evolution. More details to follow shortly.


If you align with our project and think you have something to offer - we’re hiring!

Our core team, which will be present on all public town halls for you to meet and interact with, is currently made up of our CEO, CFO, Lead Developer, Head of Partnerships, Marketing Manager and Community Manager, and we’re in the process of filling some important positions over the coming weeks.

To apply, check out our job posts for a UX/UI Designer and a Full Stack Developer.


The last few months have proven difficult to contend with for much of the web3 space, but we at TQOE find ourselves better positioned now, than prior to the new year. Despite being $50k short of our fundraising target, we’ve made big strides in hiring high quality talent and, in particular, improving community culture and engagement.

The next four weeks will see us inch closer to our Crypto-Novel debut, developing and beginning to execute a marketing strategy, beginning our relationship with PR company Market Across for some lean but targeted publicity, and continuing to build on our novel pipeline in order to meet our target of 7 novel releases in Q2.

Seeing people attend our town halls and the buzz grow around TQOE has driven us to become even more determined over the past month, and we can’t wait for our novels and tokens to begin circulating and creating value for our community.

If you want to stay updated on everything Quest of Evolution, or just want to gain an Early Member role and a potential token airdrop, join us in the Discord!

by Bob Juburi - Head of Content & Partnerships @ The Quest of Evolution

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