Building a decentralized business school in the Metaverse with Cercle ⭕️ DAO

WTF is Cercle ⭕️ DAO ?

Cercle ⭕️ DAO is the result of an advanced reflexion on the objectives and purpose of a project formerly known as "bloomfi" or "". These initiatives have been paused in 2021 while I was contributing to Index Coop as a methodologist for a new product. Developing the Cercle community and continue advocating for a rational, long term approach to crypto investing are the motivations behind this re-launch.

Inner Purpose

As an architect of this project since early 2020, my approach has changed quite a bit in the last few months - mainly coming down to 3 observations :

1/ Most crypto investors (me included 😜) ignore or underestimate the power of "being early" and making asymmetrical bets like a Venture Fund, as opposed to focusing on short-term volatility and already hyped projects.

2/ The audience of the majority of existing research or venture DAO’s is composed of a very specific population who has already developed an advanced knowledge of DeFi & crypto. These organisations leverage this collective knowledge to generate alpha and / or outsized investment returns on small cap token projects.

However, I believe that if we as global crypto community really want to stay in the ownership economy ‘s driving seat, we also need to level up on the inner mechanisms of the businesses we invest in.

3/ It would be a really cool way to use the power of DAO's to build a community of learners from the ground up, and extend bridges with the VC industry so that contributors can either find new job opportunities within this sector, or develop the track record, network and knowledge to set up a compliant fund all together.

Our inner purpose therefore goes beyond the "simple" idea of a research or venture DAO. Web3 and crypto open a world of financial opportunities, but driving the change and acquiring legitimacy among established VC funds is going to require aspiring research analysts or partners to level up their game.

Our biggest challenge

The problem is, high quality business education and first hands-on experience in the Venture Capital industry still appear to be highly inaccessible for the majority of us - and remain controlled by centralized entities, be it private schools, institutions and / or businesses.

Web3 gives us the tools, narrative and collective power to build and claim ownership of our own "decentralized MBA" : designed by the community, project based, with direct real world applications such as research-as-a-service or an on-chain investment club.

Imagine an educational program centered on business / early stage investing, whose ownership is redistributed between students, teachers and partners via a governance token and "proof of learn" NFT's : that's exactly what we're building at Cercle ⭕️ DAO !

So … what exactly are we doing about it ?

Over the past few weeks I’ve been putting together a small group of like-minded, analytical, long-term viewing Web3 partners to refine this vision.

We’re currently working on a new kind of incentive to foster engagement and onboard new contributors : we'd like to leverage the power of multiple eyes and brains to start what we've called "Knowledge Mining" - a program to build of our collective second brain 🧠.

Aspiring as well as existing contributors are going to populate our Knowledge Base with curated summaries of books, articles, threads or videos that particularly resonate with the fields we're interested in : investment thesis to deal scouting, fund raising, decision process or portfolio management and of course project support.

These contributions will be automatically rewarded in $CIRCL, our native governance token : the more an aspiring DAO member contributes to this program, the more he/she will earn $CIRCL that will finally unlock access to our wider incentives.

We’re currently setting up our space on Clarity to make the exchange of contribution and rewards as smooth as possible. We’re also joining forces with a 🔥 partner to promote this Knowledge Mining operation so stay tuned on this !

But we’re not gonna stop here : soon our own decentralized business school is going to open in the Metaverse … or should we say the Circlverse ! We’re partnering with Lit Protocol to set up our own token-gated space in the Gather app : this will enable Cercle ⭕️ DAO members and contributors to attend presentations or collaborate on projects in a fun, private and secure environment, at a few wallet fingertips.

We’re in the early stages of disrupting the access to business education and the acceleration of careers in the Venture Capital industry : get in touch if you want to come build with us as a contributor, partner or speaker !

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