OG Status: All You Need to Know
May 12th, 2022

If you’re an active crypto user, bounty hunter, or just constantly researching new projects (especially NFTs), you probably have joined dozens or maybe hundreds of servers already. There are thousands of users on these channels, and most of them come with very similar questions.

Meme by Gold | QC: CC 33/Reddit
Meme by Gold | QC: CC 33/Reddit

Don’t think the project team won’t notice your activity and contribution, though. Good projects always reward contributors, build up the community and therefore help the team. So the most contributing users can always be found under a special status.

What is OG status?

Everyone dreams of finding the “new bitcoin”, investing early, and selling upon the growth. In crypto, there is a rule: the earlier you find a project, the more money you make. And to reward the earliest users, the project makes them OGs - basically, the lucky ones who were the first to discover a new gem.

Meme by Memegenerator
Meme by Memegenerator

OGs are usually the earliest contributors also. Crypto is a world of free people, so OGs often help community admins allowing the team to focus on the development. Communities value their opinions, admins listen to them, and newbies often turn to them for additional information about the project. OGs are the heart and soul of every community.

Apart from it, there are also many more measurable advantages of the OG status; that’s the point of why so many people eager to become an OG. Good projects often reward their loyal users - and OGs are first in line to receive all the bonuses. Exclusive drops, whitelists, priority allocations, and much more - this status is always worth getting. Join our Discord!

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