Oaziz DAO: Season 7 review
July 13th, 2022

It’s the eighth season of Oaziz DAO already, and we’re excited to share some results with you. Let’s start with the development part.


A backend for the following Oaziz DAO product is finished by Amar and Ivica. Anton made a setup for the front end and has already started working on that part. We had some changes in our team, so Anton had to check the code we already had, back up some reusable components, and set up basic infrastructure for UI. And we already have some results and are eager to share them with you, But it’s not the time yet J


All the UI/UX for our new product is ready. So now the ball is on the development side. Also, Oaziz DAO Organizer profile creation is ready, And that’s how it looks like:

Now we can see all the user flow for event organizers. It was designed as convenient and straightforward as possible. And now we’re moving to the next stage – the event page.


Marketing mainly was focused on the preparation of a new product presentation. Also, we’ve applied to some competitions. We’re waiting patiently for the results and hope that the high juries of those competitions will appreciate the work we’ve done.

And, of course, we’re preparing something big for our community. So, follow our announcements and don’t miss the important news in our Discord.

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