Oaziz DAO: Season 9 Review
Oaziz DAO
August 25th, 2022

Hey there! Ottomakan is here! This season was pretty intense. So, let's go straight to business!


Backend: Four significant goals in one season ✅

This season Ivica, Tony and Amar gladdened us with some great news. They managed to:

  • Finish the role management system. Inside the Oaziz ecosystem, every event organizer can assign team members and collaborators roles. Responsibilities division is a very important stage in event preparation, and we do everything to make it as smooth as possible.

  • Refactor smart contracts. Everyone involved in crypto knows that smart contracts are fundamental to the Web3 project. And that's why it has to be done with meticulous attention to detail and no rush involved.

  • Finished event creation backend. This achievement approaches the day when you'll be able to create your events on Oaziz DAO with quantum leaps.

  • Finished creation of smart contracts for the minting and $MATIC payments. Polygon is the first chain integrated into Oaziz DAO, and the most essential elements are being deployed already.

    Frontend: Approaching the finish line

This season Anton was entirely dedicated to our upcoming product - NFT Ticketing. And had huge progress:

  • added Organizer Sidebar
  • updated View/Edit User Profile Page
  • added Create Organizer Profile Page and View/Edit Organizer Profile Page
  • updated Create Event Page added Mint NFT Tickets Page
  • refactored WalletConnect and switched to the more stable provider with better connection handling and rich UI customization.

UI/UX - it's time for some tests!
Ksenia and Arsen also did an impressive job for NFT Ticketing. We started usability testing and if you want to become a part of it: fill out the form https://oaziz.xyz/usabilitytest . We will be very grateful for your feedback!

Also, the UI/UX of the NFT Ticketing mobile version is already finished✅
And now you can enjoy some of the interfaces:

NFTicket page
NFTicket page
And NFT management interface
And NFT management interface

Marketing. Something big is coming!
This season marketing team was preparing something huge for you. I'm thrilled to tell you about it, but the official announcement comes tomorrow. So, to lift the curtain a little bit: that will be a story about Oaziz - a dream and a home. I hope you'll enjoy it! Of course, I can't leave without gifts for the listeners of that story. So, follow our announcements very carefully!

Also, did you miss our Twitter spaces? We have good news for you - more of them are coming!

New stickers will be released soon so that you can have a sticker for every situation. I was tired of posing, but for the sake of my Oaziz family - it's my pleasure.

Some sketches of new stickers for you :)
Some sketches of new stickers for you :)

Thank you for being with us!

Don't forget to join our Discord and follow us on Twitter!

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