Meet Ottomakan – Oaziz core contributor
April 13th, 2022

A little centipede Ottomakan and his friends found themselves in the middle of the desert, thrown away from their hometown and chased by its greedy dictator – Webtoo. 

Melting sun, strong winds, and endless sands made it really a challenge to survive, so Otto and his friends started to look for ways to adapt and survive under these challenging conditions. 

Otto, as a true leader, united his friends and encouraged them to stay strong and overcome their struggles together. They came up with the idea of building a new home without those in power, where everyone would be happy and comfortable. Now they had a dream of Oaziz – a common home and blooming oasis amid endless sands full of fun, joy, and friendly smiles, where everyone would be welcomed and desired. 

A lot of burdens fell on their way – the desert and the scorching sun did not contribute to productivity, but the biggest problem they had was not the desert. A real enemy was greedy dictator Webtoo, who didn’t want his citizens to see that there can be a better future...

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