Meet The Team: Arsen
July 28th, 2022

Today we’ll tell you about Arsen - Oaziz product designer.

Hey Arsen! Tell our subscribers a bit about your role in Oaziz DAO!

I create the interface design of Oaziz. I am the only designer responsible for the interface of the product itself.

What pushed you to join Oaziz?

I joined the project because I have been studying and investing in cryptocurrencies for several years. I believe in NFT and DAOs, and at the same time, design has always been my main job. I always wanted to combine these interests. When I saw the opportunity to join Oaziz, I got very excited because everything I needed was here:

  1. A startup with a huge growth prospect (which I prefer to boring large products and studios)
  2. A product that integrates with technologies that I am very interested in (NFT, DAO, Metaverses, Cryptocurrencies)
  3. From the design side, there was already some basis. It was clear what to work with.

And what do you like the most about Oaziz?

What I like most about Oaziz is openness and, so far, a small team and community. Also, the ability to significantly influence the development of the product: see how it develops and know that your ideas will be heard no matter who you are.

And a bit more about the personal part. What do you like to do besides creating adorable interfaces for Oaziz DAO?

My hobbies are mainly related to physical activity, such as cycling, playing
basketball and training in the gym.

If you want to see some more about Arsen - follow him on:

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