Oaziz DAO: Season 8 Review

Hey there! Otto’s here, and today I have a new season review for you.
As it has already become a good tradition - let's start with the development.

Development. Moving slowly, but surely! 

We have a new team member joining our team this season — Anton, frontend developer. Despite joining our team recently, Anton has already show some impressive results:  finished signing in, user profile, and homepage on the frontend side. Event creation is in progress. And once that is finished - the event page is next.

Ivica, Tony and Amar are working on user verification now. Next milestone - update event creation (adding specific modules to existing infrastructure). We are building an innovative Web3 product, focused on decentralization and users’ ownership principles, so it takes more time, but we are fully committed to our vision and more then excited to share with you what we are building.

UI/UX — Oh yeah, ticketing is finished! 🔥

Ksenia and Arsen have finished NFT ticketing desktop interface, so we’ll be able to present it to you very soon! Lee an eye on our Discord and you’ll be able to be one of the first private beta users.

As a traditional lifting a curtain - you can already check out how some of the pages look like:

Access all of your NFTs on Oaziz
Access all of your NFTs on Oaziz
Manage your NFT ticket with Oaziz
Manage your NFT ticket with Oaziz

Marketing — Twitter spaces and Discord are worth your attention 😉

Significant work was done by Vlad and Ksenia in improving our Discord server. This season we introduced XP system, roles, and ranks and added a few new rubrics. Also, we have more activities for our community coming, so be active and don't miss it!

One more Twitter space was organized by Shavrat gathering some amazing guests, including Sean O'Brien, Miss Sheree, Justin Wu, lil bubble, Casey Lau, Ivica Simatovic, R3LL, and others. More than 460 attendees turned in! Thank you everyone who joined us for this incredible event. 

That's only the beginning – we have many more Twitter spaces coming, so follow our announcements.

Wowow, Customer Research and Development started 

To improve our products and communication, Shavrat has been conducting customer research, which has already helped us to understand the needs and problems of our clients better and will definitely help to meet their needs more precisely in the future.

Thank you for staying with us and meet you at our Oaziz! 


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