BlockShow ticket winner’s interview
July 9th, 2022

More than 200 New Kids On the Block NFT holders were lucky to participate in the BlockShow ticket draw. Here is our interview with one of the winners who got a ticket to the iconic worldwide Web3 Festival and the OG status!

When did you hear about the BlockShow for the first time?

I first heard about BlockShow when I was scheduling an interview with Yiying Lu about her New Kids on the Block drop on MakersPlace! While preparing for the interview, I discovered the BlockShow. Later on, I was able to chat with her and learn a bit more during the interview as well!

That’s super exciting! Are you going to use the ticket to participate in our event?

I'm happy to be here as well! I'm currently trying to sort out my schedule as I'd love to attend. If I'm not able to make it I’m open to using the marketplace as a secondary option.

Will the BlockShow festival be the first crypto event you're taking part in or have you already participated in some of those?

It would be the first one despite being in the NFT space since January 2018. I've participated in many events and communities virtually but I’m excited to attend some in person!

We can see you’re looking forward to visiting the BlockShow! What is the most important thing about the event?

I think the most important aspects of events for the crypto space include accessible/easy-to-understand sessions/booths/etc. These facilities make it easy to bring a non-crypto-native +1 and have them without feeling lost. Community and connection are super important, but at times joining the space feels overwhelming, like drinking from a firehose. So having ways to make the content accessible to a broader community is something I'd love to see.

What would you suggest or recommend to improve future BlockShow events?

As I have no experience with previous BlockShow events, I'm not sure that I can speak on improvements. However, researching the event and DAO required a significant effort to curate information on what the BlockShow is. Perhaps I can recommend adding more details (about past events, upcoming event dates/locations, the medium link, etc) on the website. It would make it easier for new folks to gather information and be excited about your events!

We thank our winners for sharing and appreciate their feedback. Oaziz values specialists working in decentralized space therefore we’re curious to read an interview with Yiying Lu. And of course, we wish him the best possible BlockShow experience!

As it was mentioned, joining a crypto event offline might feel overwhelming like drinking from a firehose. But we’re quite sure he will enjoy the atmosphere as active as himself which matches the spirit of Oaziz DAO. If you are also excited about the event keep an eye on BlockShow DAO’s Twitter.

And don’t forget to join Oaziz DAO Discord. We have a lot of activities planned ahead!



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