Oaziz DAO: Season 10 Review
Oaziz DAO
September 23rd, 2022

And as it's already a good tradition, let's start with the development.


Ivica, Amar, and Tony are working on NFT distribution and improving our NFT Ticketing with the scanning app and enhanced NFT management system to make it as smooth as possible for both attendees and organizers. Also, this season turned out pretty impressive for the front end. Anton polished all the NFT ticketing and a few pages of Oaziz interfaces:

  • Features Page

  • Manage Events Page

  • Manage Event: Event and NFTs pages

  • Manage NFT Ticket page

  • Minting form update: Whitelist addresses

  • Input with file upload

  • View NFT Ticket page.


Ksenia and Arsen also did a great job!

They prepared Oaziz NFT Ticketing presentation that you had a chance to enjoy during the presentation event and in our room in Spatial Metaverse.

Finished a landing page design for our NFT Ticketing product so that you have all the necessary information in one place.And of course - some interface screenshots for you :)

Business Development

Shavrat keeps constantly building friendly relationships with other projects so some exciting ones are coming!


In terms of marketing, this season was especially outstanding. We made our first airdrop and we’re super excited to see your support and activity. Thanks you for that!

NFTs, quizzes, and tons of content. We should do it again sometime, shouldn’t we??

Last season we promised you more Twitter spaces, and you got one! Great talk about the future of NFT Ticketing. Justin Wu, TropixMusic, Beem, Shavrat, eminabec.eth, Rox, ᐸGerardSans/ᐳ, Ivica Simatovic, DFreshmaker.eth, Peter Bel, and more than 700 incredible guests joined us that evening.

And if you missed it – you better listen to the recording, I'm telling you!

As usual, we update our events calendar and have weekly event digests in our Discord, so if you're looking for an event to visit – check it out.

Moreover, work on the new episode of Otto stories is in full swing and the second part is coming soon.

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