Oaziz DAO: Season 3 review
April 19th, 2022

Another three weeks have passed. What does it mean? New Oaziz DAO Season review is here for you!

This season was pretty intense, so let's get straight to the point!

First NFT drop

Oaziz DAO x BlockShow DAO x Yiying Lu presented New Kids On the Block collection on Makersplace. As a result, a lot of happy holders got their unique and marvelous NFTs. Also, very soon, we'll announce lucky winners who'll get tickets for an upcoming BlockShow festival. So if you're one of our NFTs holders – hold your fingers crossed and stay tuned!

New Kids On the Block - NFT collection from Oaziz DAO, BlockShow DAO and Yiying Lu
New Kids On the Block - NFT collection from Oaziz DAO, BlockShow DAO and Yiying Lu

UI/UX design

Nataly keeps improving Oaziz DAO UI/UX design and working on the Event creation scenario. From concepts and drafts, it has shifted towards developments and layouts. The work is very painstaking, but our designers put their whole soul, heart and skills into our product. And now we’re pleased to share some drafts with you!

Soon you'll be able to experience Oaziz DAO UI/UX firsthand
Soon you'll be able to experience Oaziz DAO UI/UX firsthand


Besides UI/UX, there is steady work on the technical part. Our tech team, led by Rasmus and Ivica, implemented calendar functionality that allows to store events in our database and pull them up in an Oaziz style UX. There is ongoing work on implementing Metamask connection and signing messages with a private key. In addition, we are looking to implement a secure flow that connects with our user database.

Also, there was NFT distribution and minting environment development connected with an upcoming BlockShow tickets distribution to our NFT holders. We wanted to ensure that lucky winners have a pleasant and user-friendly interface to claim their tickets.

We are preparing something extraordinary for those interested in Web3 development, decentralized applications, and who are always on the cutting edge of technological innovations. Stay tuned!

SMM and Communications

Content production is gaining momentum rapidly. We will delight you with even more different content. We’re doing our best to keep you updated on the latest news, informed about current trends and contented with entertainment content. That is why your feedback is so important to us. So feel free to share your thoughts on Discord.


This season we released the first part of the story of Ottomakan - Oaziz core contributor. Read his story in our blog and add Otto sticker pack on our Discord server. Hope you’ll love it and get ready to hear from Ottomakan and his friends very soon!

Thank you for being with us! Your support is vital. Stay tuned, we have a lot ahead of us!



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