Meet the team: Ivica Simatovic

Let's start with the person who works magic in the technical part - Ivica Simatovic.

If you follow our news closely, you already know Ivica. He often flashes in our season reviews, and if you missed his interview for NewsBTC, here it is.

Ivica is a true veteran of the blockchain industry: he rocks more than a decade of blockchain experience and 20+ years of development experience. He has such eminent companies as Sony, Mercedes, and Telecom on his career list. He launched his first GameFi project over 10(!) years ago. Ivica is an ardent fan of decentralization, a wizard of blockchain development and a true master of his craft.

Ivica commented on his reasons to join Oaziz:

OazizDAO was a concept that inspired me. A form of sociocracy that enables growth with an interactive exchange of values, transactions and information.

Although the concept of Oaziz is still being developed, Ivica already knows what it will look like:

Oaziz should become a place for people to get together, share ideas, build, create and feel somewhat like their virtual home.

With Ivica, you can be sure that the technical part of Oaziz is in the right hands.

P.S. And if you want to hear from Ivica more often - just follow him on Twitter :)

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