Oaziz DAO - season 4 review
May 10th, 2022

Working on our project doesn’t stop for a single minute. Each team member works hard to perform on top and push the project towards success.

What's different about Season 4? Let's find out together!

NFT Claim

Our primary objective was to implement the interface and technical component of NFT mint on top of Oaziz DAO. The lucky winners of our BlockShow giveaway among the New Kids On the Block NFT holders will be the first to test the new feature. This is essential for Oaziz DAO, since NFT tickets are one of the critical components of the Web3 event toolbox. Ivica, Rasmus and Amar, who joined our team recently are finalizing this tool and will start testing it soon.

Onboarding Developers

Development is a complex process; that is why we continue to get new developers involved in the project. Onboarding is a long process, but it’s necessary for our dev team to work like clockwork in the future. We’re glad to welcome Amar to our team and hope for fruitfull collaboration!

UI/UX, Event Scenario, and Detailing

Work continues on this part of Oaziz as well. Our team has broadened even more - Arsen joined Oaziz DAO and his contribution will add the speed and a fresh view to the process. First, Natalie and Arsen moved from the general concept to focus on details. They are now working on the user profile structure, event DAO interface and other vital elements of the Oaziz ecosystem.


The marketing team keeps working on high-quality Oaziz DAO content, and user activities. Soon, we will be ready to announce several activities to you, so don’t forget to carefully follow the announcements on our community channels. Ksenia and Vlad also established some very useful tools for you: 

Use and enjoy!


The community is the heart and soul of every project, so stay tuned for something new to come. What exactly? It’s up to you to decide - feel free to vote in our Discord poll!

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