Meet the team: Amar
June 10th, 2022

Amar joined our team quite recently but has already made significant progress. So how did he come to Oaziz DAO? Now I will tell you.

Amar started his journey in the blockchain as a student - he is the founder of the first blockchain technology student club in Croatia. Today he has more than five years in the blockchain and crypto space.

Amar is a special award winner of an SSF (Space Systems Finland) at the Innovative Blockchain Hackathon in Prague, CZ. He is also a founder of a small digital agency. Besides that, he worked for a few SME companies on the R&D of their products. Amar is focused on developing sustainable decentralized ecosystems with a multidisciplinary approach.

I joined Oaziz DAO because the whole idea that stands behind it is very inspiring, and I see a chance of making positive improvements in the industry through it as well.

Besides not having an institution that controls everything, I also like the fact that DAO can mimic a utopian view of an organization.

Besides being a great IT guy, Amar likes to travel, read philosophy, and train martial arts. To discover more about Amar - follow him on Twitter and connect on Linkedin :)

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